Taiyo Yuden T03 16x DVD+R in the US?

Wondering if anyone knows where I can buy some of this media? I’m a big TY fan and feel like my 16x burners are not being used to their full potential. Thanks for your help!

No, it’s not available in the US yet.

Yuden T02 is as good as it’s gonna get!
I would love for anyone to prove me wrong, but don’t use a few minutes in your argument!

It depends on your burner and on what speed you want to burn at.

I can get much better results with T03 at 16x burning speed than I get with T02 at 16x burning speed, but in general drives are not as well optimized at burning T03 as they are at burning T02.

Also I see greater variation between batches of T03 than what I would like, but unlike T02 I haven’t burned any coasters with T03 at high speed.

The best results I have gotten at 12x and 16x so far is with Verbatim (MCC 004) media however, so I’m not a full convert to the “Taiyo Yuden beats everything else” cult.

but don’t use a few minutes in your argument!

that’s an important qualification

T02’s @ 8x rule

IMO, You’ll be disappointed with T03 as it’s not ‘currently’ worth chasing up and paying a premium for, especially over T02. Buy up on remaining T02 and try some MCC 004 until T03 media quality and firmware optimisations for it improve.

YUDEN000T03 16x DVD+R

Taiyo Yuden That’s 16x DVD+R Bulk

790 Won (about US$0.79 including 10% VAT)

YUDEN000T03 16x DVD+R

Fusion 16x DVD+R Bulk

570 Won (about US$0.57 including 10% VAT)

Conclusion Buy cheap YUDEN000T02’s that are genuine Taiyo Yuden.

Conclusion Buy cheap YUDEN000T02’s that are genuine Taiyo Yuden.

makes sense

I agree. I’ve had better results with Verbatim MCC004 than Plextor T03. In fact the MCC004 discs are some of the best I’ve had.

I’m a fan of MCC004 for the following reasons… I can get it on sale at local US retailers for about $15/50. Where I can not find any Taiyo Yuden localy any more… The Taiyo Yuden I did find a month or two ago, wasn’t that great anyway. In short, the MCC004 is easy to find, and cheap if you wait for a sale…

My ONLY problem now is… I really like to have two differnt brands, and for my critical data needs I like to burn at least two copies on difffernt media types… I need something as a second to my MCC004s… So I’m still waiting to see some Taiyo Yuden’s 16X at a local retailer for that reason, I’ve given up waiting for more shipments of Taiyo Yuden 8x media at local retailers, as I don’t think it’s going ot happen.