Taiyo Yuden T02 available at Walmart!

Muhahaha, Finally! :slight_smile: I finally found TY’s for a half-decent price after searching for them at Best Buy and CompUSA. Of all places, I found them at my local Walmart here in CA, for $26.78 ($0.53 per disc) including tax badged as 50 Sony DVD+R 8x Made in Japan. There were three spindles of 50’s when I got there and to my surprise, I looked at them and they were all MIJ! I must say, though, I did find the 50 SONY DVD+R 8x MIJ in BB but they were charging $39.99 before tax. So, if you are looking for TY, try at Walmart :iagree: Just make sure you get the Sony DVD+R 1-8X MIJ media…NOT the Sony DVD+R 1-16X MIJ media is Sony’s own media and not TY so don’t be fooled. Good luck hunting :cool: .

My Walmart has them for $24.56. I talked to the lady who run electronics about price matching ads
like Best Buy etc and she said bring in the Ad and they will price match it.

She has been their over 10 years so i trust her word on the price match.

Sweet! I like price matching as it definitely helps us consumers get a better deal. Does this lady even pricematch online stores? That’d be cool.

Why not just order on-line and get them cheaper?

The best (and usually cheapest) online place to buy that I trust is Rima at www.rima.com. Checking out the Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 8x 50 pack spindle it’s $19.99 (see here). Now $19.99 is cheaper than the new found ~$24 price at WalMart, but…you’ll end up paying for shipping online. Pretty much balances out at this point.

PS - I really do recommend Rima, tho. Excellent folks to do business with.

Why not just order on-line and get them cheaper?

Now $19.99 is cheaper than the new found ~$24 price at WalMart, but…you’ll end up paying for shipping online. Pretty much balances out at this point

Spooks is correct that Rima plus tax and shipping is $25.60, Newegg is $29.73, and at Supermediastore it is $31.73. So, as you can see, the only one that comes close is Rima and if you could save yourself time waiting for the TY media to arrive, why not just go out and purchase the same thing at a local store for $1.18 more immediately? For me, I’ll take the hit for that small difference.

Unless you prefer genuine TY that hasn’t been through the OEM channels. And then there’s the whole “Sony thing”.
Also, you spent more than $1.18 just starting your car. :wink:

Yeah, I take things like these into consideration when calculating the “cost” of something. Plus I wouldn’t order just 50 discs. I’d get atleast 100, so the savings would be more. I also don’t have a problem ordering from someplace other than Rima. I thought I was anal about things, but damn.

Yea, I am. I suppose with the report of the fake TY discs floating around, I just trust Rima. I used to buy the Fuji MIJ (aka, YUDEN000) in the stores, but they’re long gone now…

I can understand being picky, trust me, but some people won’t order from SMS. They even have a page on how to spot fakes. Plus they run a lot of good deals with free shipping. I understand that Rima is good, but I’m not going to pass up a better deal just because it’s not Rima.

Not a bad deal but week before last or so, CompUSA had Sony DVD+R 50 packs for $14.99 - after Staples 110% price match and $3 ink coupon, wound up at $9.49 for 50 pack of MIJ Sony.

TY MID and I’ve been burning them at 12x on my BenQ with great results - AND I didn’t have to shop at the Evil Empire that is Wal-Mart! :slight_smile:

As mentioned above, it is NOT a better deal if you order quantities of 100 or more. 100 unbranded 8x TY DVD+R will run you $40+shipping (usually $5-$6). So when you consider that 100 of the Sony rebrands of the exact same media will run you $50+tax, it ends up being almost $10 more per 100 discs. This is also assuming that your local Wal-Mart has these particular discs in stock. You never have to worry about such issues with rima. You could end up making a drive all for nothing (to say nothing of wasted gas money). Also, keep in mind that you are more likely to get discs that have grubby fingerprints, spotting in the dye, ect. since the rebrands are subject to an extra handling process during the disc labeling. True, I haven’t heard of this much under the Sony brand but there certainly is documentation of it having occured before. Don’t get me wrong, store rebranded TY when there is a really good sale can be an incredible deal, but at these prices they can hardly be considered a bargain when you can easily order them in quantity for less without ever having to leave your house.

As for ordering from Supermediastore? The only way you really save any money over rima is if you order the value line and the findings as of late on the value line media are getting kinda scary.

this is not a great deal but in my case it won’t be much difference from online. It will probably be a difference of only a couple more bucks for the 100 the reason being is that I would still have to pay shipping plus tax on media ordered from rima,shop4tech,newegg, meritline, supermediastore and most of the “trustworthy” retailers.

Now when a 50 spindle is on sale for 17.99 or less at my local store it works out way better for me. With that happening almost every week or every other week I am able to stockpile TY and Verbatims. This is also the reason that apart from the value TY disk i just recieved a couple of days ago I haven’t ordered any media online for more than a year now.

But now that the brands are starting to shy away from TY I may have to start ordering online…but that is until I put a dent on my stock.

i think BECAUSE MIJ media is becoming harder to find, places like Walmart may be the only places that have some left!!

they never have any sales that are worth looking at, and who really buys media at full price? sure people may not know better, but if you’re paying that much for media, you’re sure as heck not buying in bulk hence an older stock on the shelves…

I’m definitely going to scout out my walmart this week