Taiyo Yuden shutting down optical disc production



We’ve just posted the following news: Taiyo Yuden shutting down optical disc production
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Sad, I’ve heard many good things about Taiyo Yuden. I’m sure CD Freaks everywhere will mourn Taiyo Yuden for some time to come.

At least for now there’s still Verbatim.


Sad.  I’ve been using  Taiyo Yuden  DVDs for years now.  Expensive but reliable…  :frowning:


Oh dear, what a bit of bad news.
What the hell are we supposed to use now, Blu-ray? It’s a bit expensive and way to large for backing up just 1 music album.
I don’t want 20 or what ever albums on one disc, for a start there’s not enough space to write all the contents on it. That’s ironic really, loads of space inside very small on the outside. TARDIS media!
I wonder why esoteric companies still make ridiculously expensive CD only players, when the format is end of life nearly.


[QUOTE=voxsmart;2755178]Oh dear, what a bit of bad news.
What the hell are we supposed to use now, Blu-ray? It’s a bit expensive and way to large for backing up just 1 music album.
I don’t want 20 or what ever albums on one disc, for a start there’s not enough space to write all the contents on it. That’s ironic really, loads of space inside very small on the outside. TARDIS media!
I wonder why esoteric companies still make ridiculously expensive CD only players, when the format is end of life nearly.[/QUOTE]

This is bad news for all of us that had the pleasure recording CDs and DVDs that were made my TY.

Probably buying an external hard drive or some cloud storage will be cheaper :frowning: I am sure that there is enough room on BD’s to store a lot of data, but the question now is how can make BDs that have the same quality as we are used with TY.

HiFi is a very different market, and there are people that are willing to pay the premium for an ESOTERIC so that they can have the perfect sound quality, and most importantly there are people that have lots of CDs that they still want to listen.
OK those CDs want be played on an ESOTERIC or and OPPO, but there will still be a market for HiFi equipment.


Hi Vroom,
I’m lucky enough to own an OPPO BD-103 and a BD105, as you can tell I’m in to HI-FI in a big way. Both play every kind of CD sized optical disc you can think of, the 103 has no Cinavia chip in it, that is very useful. My statement was “why do companies make esoteric CD only players”, it seems pointless to me.
There is a small ray of hope, there are a small number of audio only Blu-ray discs being made, I have about four of them. Fantastic sound quality, but very expensive. Backing them up is also expensive as you know, good quality BD blank discs are not cheap.
I’m hoping there will be enough interest in these to be the next physical carrier of high quality audio. I’ve spent too much on High bit downloads, some of which have just disappeared from my hard drive and backup? Also You need to spend another small fortune to get the really high quality playback as a computer is a bit restricted for the very best.

It was fun burning discs, almost like the ritualistic putting on and playing a vinyl recording. It’s strange how that has started to e-emerge!
I think a large amount of people much prefer a physical medium to own and keep with the cover art and proper track listing to hand on the jewel case or sleeve notes. But, I bet with today’s mainstream throw away after a couple of weeks music(?) good quality will not happen en mass.


This is sad but understandable. Recordable optical media is not something most people use anymore.

My mother attends a general non-advanced IT course, and I gave her some of my Verbatim DVD+R media to give away for free… but she couldn’t give it away because nobody used it anymore!

  1. I understand that they have to shutdown because of sales.

  2. People do not use optical media as they did in the old days

  3. It is sad that even Kodak Gold discs are hard to find. They could have kept a small part of the business, and sold high grade quality discs for those who still need them.

  4. People will probably in the future start asking again for high grade optical storage because of all pictures and homemade videos they have. Yes you can store them on harddrive, USB etc, but research has proved that this kind of media is not that reliable compared to the old gold disc

I am personally getting a bunch of gold CD-Rs in order to maximize secure backup options of irreplaceable photos and videos.

The more backup options you use the more safe the information will be, but it is always a smart option to have the storage off line to, on optical media. Think about it, how long has not the old CD been around. In this day and age, it feel like it has been forever.


This is sad news. I’ve been using TY DVDs exclusively for many years. I still have some of them left. In the past couple of years I’ve been using BDR though. And TY doesn’t make good BDR media so I switched to panasonic.

Of course the decision is understandable. TY relied on quality and nowadays with profit margins very thin only the companies that sell a great volume of disks can survive. So I guess we’ll be left with cheap chinese and indian disks. Good thing that I won’t be writing many DVDs in the future.

In any case a legendary company (at least in cdfreaks, for the old-timers) will be missed.


they were great discs
too bad


Some of this blame can be laid at the hands of the Blu Ray industry… their royalties are outrageous… and the disc and drive makers have not been able to drop prices due to high royalties. One had to know this would have a trickle down effect on the smaller discs as HDD and flash capacities went up… For years, I said this crossover would come where HDD and flash would surpass optical in capacity, value and logevity.

I still feel there is a place for TY/JVC in the storage marketplace… I would love for them to get into either making HDD, cloud storage, SD cards, and/or SSD drives… their name alone commands RESPECT and TRUST… something not even Sony had in abundance for as long.

Though, have no fear, dvds & cds by other mfg will still be made for the rest of this decade. beyond that all bets are off! Things are progressing with broadband and flash drive innovation in a way that we might archive media on flash instead of optical disc. The day is coming when we will have terabyte micro sd flash cards for $30… Would it make sense to buy a stack of optical media discs for $100 for the same storage capacity? Perhaps it’s worth a study to see how well SD flash media holds up over 5 to 10 years… if the old Sony memory sticks are any indication… pretty well indeed (fully functioinal in my old sony camcorder-- retired b/c my cellphone is now 5 megapixel and w/ a 32gb memory card).


It’s always sad when the best in the business disappears. :frowning:



TY CD-R and DVD+R tech is too good to just go away, surely they could outsource production to someone like Falcon…?? :sad:


Sad one more media producer is leaving but that is the nature of markets they come and go and some stay…or they will be sold to another producer whom will make the same brand under different name brand.


Very bad news. ([I]It will be much harder to get to sleep tonight.[/I] :sad:)

I was counting on Taiyo Yuden being around for a few more years, as my primary source of quality CD-R and as a backup should the quality of Verbatim’s DVD±R fall to the level of their AZO CD-R.

But what really worries me is that there is nothing on the horizon to replace optical discs as a medium- & long-term storage medium.

For consumers the only other storage options are HDD or flash memory, either ones own drives or hosted by a remote service. The latter is much more profitable, but don’t assume that paying a fat monthly fee makes your data any safer.

Has anyone actually found a contract for a consumer cloud storage which grants the customer any compensation [S]if[/S] [I]when[/I] they suffer a data loss event? :rolleyes:

And it isn’t much better in the business market. I’m not entirely sure how these WORM magnetic tapes work, but I am highly sceptical as to just how ‘write-once’ any magnetic storage medium can be, at least based on existing technologies. And magnetic tape in general has a horrible history of unreadability when used for data storage.

Heating a ferrous mineral to extremely high (moulten) temperatures for writing could be an interesting proposition. After all, the mid-Atlantic ridge has successfully stored a record of past changes in the Earth’s magnetic field for millions of years, albeit at a staggeringly low storage density and speed (hundreds of kilometres per bit, written on a geological timescale).

Replicating something similar [I]could[/I] be a very interesting proposition for long-term storage (much higher temperatures than Magneto Optical drives, and using very different materials & principle for reading). But producing a practical drive would be extremely difficult, and I am not aware of any research into the idea.


JVC Taiyo Yuden getting out of the blank disc business wassad for us to hear as well. They make an extremely good product and our
customers have always loved them. We will continue to sell these products for
as long as we can, but as you start to see these products disappear (and the
prices skyrocket), I would like to recommend that you try a brand called Falcon
Media. Understanding that JVC users expect the industry’s highest quality and
lowest disc reject rate, you can get the same great recording quality, storage
capacity, playback compatibility, and superior on-disc printing from Falcon
blank discs. What I think is cool is that Falcon also carries a medical-grade disc
line (Mediline) for the healthcare sector for storage of their valuable images
and data. Even if their name isn’t widely known, their product speaks for
itself - it’s what we’ve been switching our TY customers over to. If you are
unfamiliar, you can check everything out online and do a search for Falcon. Best of luck to TY!


I really hate to see TY go. I have enough Sony TY 8X and 400 Verb. AZO 16X that there should be plenty left after I’m gone.