Taiyo Yuden Retail@ Newegg.com

I was shocked to see them at Newegg. Maybe I have been missing them but I just noticed them. Just thought it was worth a heads-up.

It’s presently $0.56 a disk including shipping. Lets’ see if they reduce the price by about 50%. Then it would match the Fuji/Sony TY price that Best Buy and Staples usually have.

I forgot to mention that they are more expensive than Rima so maybe its not such a good deal with the shipping.

Yup, newegg has carried them for a while but has never come close to rima for pricing so I have never bothered with them.

They’ve been selling them for a while now. These are unbranded silver discs. The shocking thing would be to see Taiyo Yuden’s That’s branded retail packs anywhere in the U.S. You know, this kind of stuff:

Yeah I would really like Taiyo Yuden to come out with their “That’s” branded discs in the U.S. market. Looks alot better than the plain and ugly Verbatims we have here.

Never happen in the USA, they are resellers to major companies that they want as customers not competitors.