Taiyo Yuden Results

I dont know why Is Pi errors so high? I swiched dvd fab to SOA writing

before they where like:

It’s a DVD-ROM so it’s probably not consistent or even accurate at all.

I doubt that anything is wrong with your discs. Do a TRT instead to see if they read back perfectly.


Using the PIE values directly as reported by DVD-ROM drives is most probably not 100% useful, but IMO you can still compare relative writing quality with such drives (just do not try to compare with other drives). The PIF values seem fine anyway.

Testing for consistency is simple enough, just scan a disc several times & compare the results. A pressed DVD5 with no reading issues is probably best choice of test disc to help reduce influence of other potential factors.

Just curious, why does no MID show up?

Because most DVD-ROM drives don’t report the MID, as they don’t even actually check the MID of the disc (which is there to… set a burning strategy! :wink: )

Thanks for the info Francksoy, I had never seen that before.

Yes, tho there is a difference between what is reported between +R & -R media with the DVD-ROM drives I have used. +R shows MID/ADIP while -R does not or shows garbage instead.