Taiyo Yuden +R?

Just got my PX-504A today. It seems there is a lot more DVD-R media out there than +R. I did a lot of research before buying this drive… I think +R is going to be the format that lasts… but anyway… until the market catches up … has anyone found a good place to get +R media for a good price? I am especially interested in finding the Taiyo Yuden media that plextor lists on their site… I know they have -R media but I have yet to find the Taiyo +R media.

I’m not aware of Taiyo Yuden making DVD+R…but maybe they are just beginning to, and Plextor has received beta-state discs to guaranty optimum performance in the moment they are widely available.

Taiyo +Rs are on their list of supported media…


Mh…I think Taiyo Yuden 4x DVD-R have been available for quite some time now in Japan, but are still impossible to find in Europe for example.

Maybe it’s the same with TY DVD+R :confused:

Yea… I can’t find any either. I’m a big fan of Taiyo… so it would be nice to track them down…

Taiyo Yuden will show 4x DVD+R media @Cebit, see here. I don’t know if “Supplies 1-4X compatible Thermal/Inkjet Printable and Generic DVD+R” means that it’s already available?

When is CeBit… wonder how soon before we can buy some…

The CeBit starts today and ending on March 19th.