Taiyo Yuden +R at SVP



Taiyo Yuden +R discs are available from SVP for 70 quid. Any good for the NEC 3500?


At least they say they are genuine. Still a bit expensive though, a 30p premium over the Datawrite 8x +R’s I bought from them!!

As for being any good, well from what I’ve read, they are supposed to be the best media available!

Wonder how much their DL media will cost if they make any?


They are YUDEN000T01, i think they only burn at 8X on the ND-3500AG, but very good media :wink:


[b]only??[/b], YUDEN000T01 is 4X certified media after all. :wink:


Well you know these days of speed and everything, 8X seems like slow, and lots of people expect 12X 16X :eek:
Personally i’d prefer a 9 min plus working DVD to a 6 min coaster :smiley:


Keep in mind too that the T01/00 burn at 4x in the 3500 (at least according the list I have seen posted).
The T01/01 discs burn at 8x.


Has anybody else noticed that SVP seem to be selling a lot of 4x discs (including new brands - particularly ritek sounrced stock) and not selling any more high speed (8x) discs than they have before. I have already requested they get discs with a Ricoh or Sony die that are 8x rated and that I and many others would be prepared to play a premium for this quality media. At the moment the only 8x options from SVP are Fuji 03, Ritek05, and Taiyo yuden (in DVD-r anyways, i dont buy +R at the moment due to expense). I would by the Taiyo Yuden media only I dont like spending 64.00 in one go on DVD’s!!


If you don’t need printable discs, the Maxell branded Taiyo Yuden DVD+Rs from CD-RMedia.co.uk are a lot cheaper at 43p each. :slight_smile:


As far as the combination of the NEC 3500 and Taiyo Yuden discs is concerned (with the faster 8x DVD+R (YUDEN000T02) discs at least), this thread might be interesting to you: click.


SVP must have made a mistake. Either the discs are T01s and therefore the description should be changed to 4x, or they really are 8x and the media code info should be changed to T02.


Are you sure that these discs are TY?


I will report back either Tuesday or Wednesday as I have a tub on order.

Splitting it 50/50 with a friend.


Have just received my order of them from svp. Dvdinfo as well as nero say they are only 4x. This is also confirmed by the actual label on the packaging.
SVP seem to have got it wrong and as such I am sending mine back.


They are a dodgy bunch you know!


Is SVP bad for some reason, in the last 3 weeks I’ve had 35 Verbatim DVD+R 4X jewel cased, every one burnt a movie fine and now I’m trying Verbatim DVD-R 4X in a tub of 50, used 10 so far and no problems. Thinking of trying the Taiyo Yuden next, don’t whether to stick with +R or -R.


Mordorf I have also received mine and it also says 4x on the label.

What writer do you have and which version of Nero?

I’m using the latest *.20 verison of Nero with a NEC 3500 2.17 Herrie’s firmware.

I don’t really want to open my media if they are only reporting 4x write speeds as I will also be returning them.


http://www.os-mediatrade.de/product_info.php?products_id=235&osCsid=ea9c7d72156c9a2a391a830124afe146 has TY +R x8 for the price SVP charge inc shipping and euro/pound conversion (this link was elsewhere).


Thanks Icey. I did notice that link. Going by www.xe.com conversion of 110 Euros, it should cost £75 including shipping. There is no import duty to pay though is there? Not within the EU??


A real bargain for European users… And they are Yuden T02! :bow:

And now to the best part; they will burn at 16X on my NEC-3500. :bigsmile:


They burn at 16x on the NEC-3500 :D:D

I’ve ordered mine from them now, just need to return the 4x to SVP.