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I have a few questions.

Just been on www.svp.co.uk to find some Tiayo Yuden DVD-R’s
SVP are a very good site and they don’t sell fake media.
But what i wanted to know is, if these discs have a good dye to them and isit worth me getting them?

{DV 3139} Taiyo Yuden (8x) Full-Face Printables DVD-R in Heavy Duty Spindle Tubs of 100

Taiyo Yuden are renowned as being one of the leading manufacturers of quality products.

This is the printable version of the Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-R.

These discs have super high durability and excellent reliability in terms of compatibility, stability and long life.

These discs have a very high compatibility rate and are suggested for use in almost all hardware that supports the DVD-R format. For older hardware, we suggest checking and applying a firmware update before using the 8x DVD media.

Packaging: Heavy duty spindle tubs of 100.

Manufacturer ID: TYG02

Capacity: 4.7GB

Suggested for use on the following hardware: Pioneer 103/A03, Pioneer 104/A04, Pioneer 105/A05, Pioneer 106/A06, Pioneer 107/A07, Pioneer 108/109, Panasonic E20, E30, E50, E100, HS2, Sony DVD+/-R drives,Plextor DVD+/-R drives, NEC ND-1300/2500/2510/3500/3520, Liteon DVD+/-R drives, LG DVD+/-R drives and most other DVD-R writers and modern DVD players.

Shipping cost will be calculated and displayed by the website before you finalise your order. [/I]

These look good…

I forgot but i saw a forum message on here i think of someone asking how do i know if ive got a good burn and media and someone i think replied with if its a straight line all the way along on the program, what program was it was it nero cd speed or kprobe or something?? and when im ion the program what do i click to see if its a good brand of media that would last me a long time and a good burn also…



I have bought these very discs from SVP & found them so far to be as good as ppl say. I am using these because Verbatim (which I used to use) IMO have quality issue`s & have been giving me eratic burns lately.
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appreciated mate, ill get them then i think, did u get the inkjet printables??


Yes I got the Inkjet printables. They work realy well on my Epson RX200 using the Jettec ink cartridges also brought from SVP. A set of six cost`s about £18-00 against Epsons £66-00. Sod the warranty you do the maths.
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