Taiyo Yuden printing problem - am I missing something?



I just got started with printable DVDs using TY ink jet hub printables. I am using an Epson R320 with the original ink. The DVD prints fine, but soon after printing the ink consolidates into tiny droplets and after 24 hours of drying time the image is almost completely obscured, faded away and still smudges when touched.
Am I doing something wrong that everyone else is doing right ?
Are there compatibility issues with certain blanks and printers ?


It’s either the ink or the disc. I print nothing but TY hub-printable from Rima and never saw such a thing. (Canon printer) Where did you get these discs, and are you certain they are genuine TY?


Are you certain they’re hub printable and not thermal? I have never had this problem printing on any printable media and I have had an R200 from the time they hit the shops here in the UK, so it’s been a while.


Hello again,

they were bought from Tape&Media. The label says White Injet Hub Printable.


Sounds to me like you got non-printable or thermal discs. I tried to print on non-printable discs awhile back for sh@ts and grins and got that result.


The surface of the discs should be a matte-finish type, not shiney. It should look like inkjet paper. I’m also thinking they sent you thermal printable white.

If you’re in the USA, suggest you use Rima for TY media.


I contacted Tape&Media and sure enough - the disks had the wrong surface and had apparently been mislabeled.

They answered my mail that day, a new shipment with the correct disks arrived 2 days later together with a return postage label so I could send back the wrong ones. That’s what I call a swift way to correct a mistake. Sweet service.

The new ones work just fine. Problem solved.


A little off topic but am curious…
I use Espon R300 to print DVDs. After about 100 prints, I kept getting error message “paper jam or CD/DVD tray loaded incorrectly”. Called Epson and they told me that tray is worn out and as an accessory is not covered by one year warranty. They told me that this printer is not designed to print that much (I didn’t see that on the box any where when I bought it). The printer still works fine as long as I stay close by and assist the tray moving through the printer.
Has anyone else had this problem or know of a better printer?

ps. Epson tech also said all of their CD/DVD printers are of the same quality, not made to print more than 100 discs.


What country are you in?


There are some sort of reflective spots on the tray, try cleaning them.




What a load of rubbish ! Who is the name of the person who told you this ? 100 discs? LOL - I doubt that any epson tech would talk badly about their printers.

I personally use an EPSON R200 and know quite a few colleagues who do and have printed thousands of discs. I personally do some work for some companies and print 200-500 A MONTH and printer is working fine. If you handle your printer well no problem. Also I have installed a waste ink container and applied a mod to my printer so it sends ink out to a bottle rather than the pads in the printer.

The common problem is the CD/DVD tray is often mishandled and people push it too far in the printer or do not handle it properly and that thin plastic at the edge gets bent and this is when problems start.

As to the topic of this thread, indeed this is a symptom of a thermal printable dvd.

One thing I’d like to add - no matter if you use actual inkjet printable, the ink will always smudge if you touch it with wet hands - The EPSON R320 uses dye based inks and are NOT water proof, no matter if you let the disc dry 24 hours or not. If you are looking for long term storage you would need pigment based inks (and the printer to go with it)


Damn, if you were in the UK that info would be illegal under the consumer protection act. We need someone who can give you info on consmer laws in your area.


I also have an Epson R200. While I’ve had no problems so far, it certainly does seem to be a fairly flimsy design. But, I paid $49 so at that price I can’t expect too much I suppose. I wish Canon would release their CD printers in the USA…


Talk to Epson, they own the license for disc printing in the USA.


Ah! Well, I guess that explains it. :slight_smile:


Would it work if you buy the plastic disk holder from another country and use that?