Taiyo Yuden Printable Quality?


Ive recently got myself some full face printable DVD-R 16x TYG03 discs from svp. Though i find when printing on the discs the ink is very easily smudged and even after giving several hours for the ink to try, it is still possible to smudge the ink. I havent found this problem on my printable ritek discs.

Has anyone else found this with these discs?
Im using a Canon Pixma IP5000 printer.

I always use colour protection spray. It prevents smudging by fingerprints or humidity and protects against colour degradation. I have not tried TYG03 printables, but use mostly TYG02 and Verbatim full face printables.

do the TYG02 have a lighter inner circle compared to the rest of the disc?

The ritek printables i have used the ink is dry as soon as it comes out of the printer, whereas the Taiyo yuden discs, i cannot touch at all or it will smudge which i find to be rather poor. Though this could be due to the compatible ink I am using rather than the official canon ink. But still i dont find the colours to be as nice on the taiyo discs compared to the ritek discs.

I think i may try the verbatim next time. The colour protection spray is applied after printing, yeah?

Possible these discs are being coated by some 3rd party, so they may well be quite different than a batch bought somewhere else, depending on who’s distributing them. The G02 I have dry within a minute or 2.

xterminator, what brand of color protection spray do you use?

Hi RDGrimes

I understand your thinking with this theory. You are obviously well informed on the ways of the media manufacturers. I’ve personally been offered TY media that has had the printable surface added by a company other than TY, but I don’t buy them.
No point in buying TY media printable media if the printable surface is not up to TY standards!

TY do produce 2 different printable surfaces. The one we sell is the one designed for use on Epson/Canon style inkjet printers.

All SVP’s Taiyo Yuden media comes directly from Taiyo Yuden distributors.

dj_phatic: If you are not 100% happy with the discs email us on sales@svp.co.uk and we’ll arrange an exchange and pass the discs back to TY for investigation.


The colour protection spray is applied directly after printing.
I use the stuff that is made here in Holland, although I order from Germany because that works out cheaper.

I use original TYG02 media. The coating is a bit more yellow/red, whereas the Verbatims are kinda blue/greenish. I have not noticed a difference in printing quality (I would have to print two identical labels for that) or time to dry, but I never touch the surface anyway.

I use a product here in the US call “Patricia Nomick’s.” If it’s not a hassle, could u post the ingredients? I wanna compare it to what I use…

I have no idea what ingredients are used. ‘No CFC’ is all that is printed on the can. :slight_smile:

LOL…Figures… That’s about all the info any of the ones I have been trying to compare have on them. Oh well, the Patricia Nomick’s is doing the job for me and it is only $4.97 a can (2.79 GBP). It is primarily used for artwork. Thanks for looking!!!

No noticeable problems here with the same media - using a Canon PIXMA MP780 printer and genuine canon ink. Had some cheap ink that was not good.

But I agree - the printable layer on ritek discs is THE best I’ve ever seen, now if only the discs could just keep up too (the ritekG05 (traxdata) printables I have plain sucks, unreadable when written by most drives).

But I also prefer to use a thin layer of colour protection spray on my discs to protect them.

I’ve burned and printed 8 or 9 of those zvp TYG03 on my Epson R300, no problems here either. I agree with OC on the RITEK printable surface. Also, Infiniti MCC03RG20 have a good printable surface, but can’t match the TYG03 for burn quality.

“Also, Infiniti MCC03RG20 have a good printable surface, but can’t match the TYG03 for burn quality”

Depends on burners, probably. I’m waiting for your 1.W6 to burn MCC 03RG20 on my 3540A, but on my Pioneer 109, MCC 02RG20 is totally on par with TYG03 :clap: … mine are Verbatims, though, not Infinity, so… :confused:

Yeah, these Ritek printable have a great printing surface, but gee, calling them unreliable is an euphemism :Z

Are you using the MP780 to print directly onto CD’S? How?

I was looking at that printer today and didn’t see how to do that. I like having the fax/scanner/copier ability but would also loke to print on CD’s.

(CompUSA had the Epson R200 for $50 after rebates… very inexpensive!)


I stumbled on a great buy for White InkJet Hub Printable media.

I have been buying High-Speed DVD-R (DVDR) 8X 4.7GB White Inkjet Hub Printable Blank DVD Media from Allmediaoutlet.com. The link is: http://www.allmediaoutlet.com/allme…-group-1666.htm BTW: My Plextor PX-716SA (Serial ATA) allows to burn those 8x discs at 16x.

When I use DVD Identifier on those discs, it reports that they are: Taiyo-Yuden TYG02 which are supposed to be the pretty darn good. When you buy 600 they are only .24 cents each. I like them because, I simply never get coasters and I like being able to print all the way in to 21MM center. And yes the center white ring is lighter than the rest of the disc, but they do allow you to print almost all the way to the hole. Even if you only buy 50 they are only .27 cents each.

Allmediaoutlet is located in California (my home state) so if you are from out of state you don’t pay sales tax.

Eric :slight_smile:

Eric, you post these exact same comments and links in so many threads that it starts to sound like sneak advertising to me. Sorry for any offence, none intended.

BTW, these are most probably FAKES. No company could buy large stocks enough of TYG02 to offer them at this price. :confused:

Please post the serials present around the hub of the discs, so we may know for sure if these are real or fake TYG02.

You could also bring up some quality scans of this media to backup your comments on their quality, on this forum “no coasters” is not enough to declare a disc as “good”… :disagree:

You use some sort of plastic plate (included) to place the disc on and flips down a plastic flap on the front of the printer, then it functions as a tray for the plastic plate, a small engine in the printer grabs the plastic plate and the printer does the rest.

Works very well.

And yes a love that printer as the ink is relatively cheap compared to most other printers (yes I uses genuine canon ink) and the quality is great. I’m loving the duplex print function.

I found the same spray on nierle.de

How many CD’s can you “colour fix” with one cap (150ml or 400ml)?


Sad to say that Canon does NOT! sell a printer that prints directly onto a CD/DVD. I talked to Canon Sales and they said that European Sales are different but would not comment further as to if and when Canon may sell a CD/DVD printable printer.

That is a really crappy business strategy, probably determined by fear of lawsuits from the RIAA or Hollywood. (Last I heard, the automobile manufacturers don’t get sued if one of their cars is used in a crime)

Looks like Epson is my best bet for printing on CD’s. Canon lost a sale.

You can get a UK version of Canon printers HERE , or mod a USA version for printing.