Taiyo Yuden Premium White Inkjet Hub Printable

200 at supermediastore with free shipping on dec 25



comes with free 200 paper sleeves.

ack CA taxes

Looks like a good deal if they are truly grade-A premium genuine TY media. Didn’t someone post here a week or few ago about some bad batches of TY 8x -R premium media being distributed lately by some otherwise reputable e-merchants?

If you’re thinking about Joe Dirt, I beleive he was talking about T02s he got from Newegg. Supermediastore does have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

I made a post among other people, but my bad batches are the +R 8x kind, also by a very reputable merchant - however, I don’t think that the merchant PURPOSELY send out bad batches - there is no way of knowing :smiley: However, all of a sudden I notice a huge price drop on all Taiyo Yudens, so I think something is not right and I think Taiyo Yuden is hiding something as ALL the bloody Taiyo Yuden DVD+R 8x I get now cannot be burnt at 8x but only 6x, and have 10 times the total PIE error count (of course discs are still well within specs and TRT passes well). I call those bad batches, but that is when comparing to TY’s once excellent standard, but the PIE/PIF counts are still well within standards and scans can still be considered very good, however burning them at 8x will sometimes give unpleasant results (skipping, blocking, freezing on playback -) something I NEVER had on previous TY’s. I have a feeling that TY is cocentrating production on 16x media, (and donig a lousy job at it) and neglecting QC for 8x media. I’m afraid TY will become another RITEK very soon - I’ve predicted this a year ago and I think I might be right about this one.

I just purchase two orders of these from them it seems that to get the 18 dollars off you have to place each order one at a time. I wanted 400 so I had to input two orders with the coupon to get 200 at 59.95 each. As for a supermediastore they have always sent me nothing but great ty dvds. The one time I order the wrong ones I called them and they took the one I sent back and returned my money even though it was my mistake.

The funny thing is that had to wait until 12pm pst before they would show them at this price but since they are in Calif I figured I would. They also showed the new price and the coupon code at 12pm but the code would not work until just before 1pm pst. I have had this problem before it seems that they update the item with the new price and the code right at 12pm but it takes 30 to 45 min. before the code works. Like I said I have never had nothing but good service over the past two years from supermediastore.

Didn’t know TY was still making 8X media – thought it was old stock for sale at Supermediastore…

TY must still be making the shop4tech,RIMA and supermediastore and others all sell them

Darn, same price I paid for over a year ago at supermedia.com
Folks they are great discs, just that the printing surface is a bit coarse, but still absorbs ink nicely and produces nice printing image on the Epson R200

Yes print great on my r220 and r320

These are not the value line they are Premium with paper sleeves not that I wanted paper sleeves.

I paid for the same price a year ago for the premium line inkjet printable, print all the way to the hub and inner circle. So I am a bit surprised that people still considered this a good deal since I bought 4 spindles over a year ago for the same price, the sale was 200 for $59.99 shipped. And the Best thing is that they are 8X TYG02 and They burnt as good as the non-inkjet printable TYG02 since the inkjet printable are not as good as the non-inkjet printable.

You are correct: their ad states this item has free shipping - but CAVEAT EMPTOR: put the item in your shopping cart then read the fine print:

“The Taiyo Yuden Premium White Inkjet Hub Printable 8X DVD-R Media 200 Pack in Tape Wrap with 200 Pack Paper Sleeves (Premium Line) - Free Ground Shipping is not currently available. Please contact us for availability of this item.”

Secondly, you won’t be able to put the item in your shopping cart to purchase. There isnt a popup box stating they are out of stock or nor do they offer a raincheck or another item. I used both Firefox & Explorer to ensure it wasn’t a browser problem.

I’m becoming very disappointed in supermediastore.com; they’ve raised the price of Verbatim DVD+R DL from 35.99 to 59.99 (which is over list price) in the past month. I’m not sure if this company is in trouble, but I think it’s time I try newegg. Anyone care to comment on newegg???


Newegg is one of the best online retailers. But, they also won’t let you buy an item they don’t have in stock, and their prices can change a couple of times a day.

I agree

That is the reason I got ordered at 12pm pst there add said while they last and I knew they would not last long at this price.

Yeah, I got a really poor batch of TY02 that doesn’t even come on TY’s spindle ?!?! from Newegg, and have yet to EVER get a really decent batch of media from them. Try www.rima.com Hands down the very best retailer of TY media. Just ask around and check www.resellerratings.com Their prices on TY media are better than newegg’s anyway! :slight_smile:


Newegg is good for hardware purchase most of the time, and sometimes Verbatim DL media or LS media with rebates. I’ve never seen decent deal on TY at Newegg, they are not media specialist anyway, so I never bothered searching for media on newegg.

Has anyone burned these discs yet? I’m not too happy with the ones I got. A lot more errors than even the Valueline TYG02s. GG000239.

Have not got mine from supermediastore yet should be here today.