Taiyo Yuden PREMIUM vs. VALUE line

How does one know if their TY discs are ‘Premium’ or ‘Value’ line discs?

Here are some I’m considering purchasing. I assume the last 3/4 digits are simply the lot numbers. Any info appreciated. Thanks.

TY 4X GD000305
TY 8X GG000110

Where do they in Taiyo Yuden use such terms like Premium or Value?

My own “Premium Inspection” Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD+R has TG001112.

Product name: That’s DVD+R for Premium Inspection, DVD+R47PG1 1-8x Speed 4.7GB

Well I’m afraid it’s true. They may not be official names but the batch of Burnmaster discs that All Media Outlet were selling happened to be Value Line TY.

They are not guaranteed to burn at the highest speed but the PI and PO levels will still be good.

They don’t come round that often like Ritek B,C and D grade discs…

What I asked is where you heard of such terms. On top of the disks?

This is the way a bunch of left over TYG01 have been sold for the last three months or so. Supermedia, Meritline, and shop$tech and others have sold these at around $30 per 100. In the early days you would get TYG02 about half the time but lately they all seem to be TYG01. A local distributor I spoke with indicated that they were genuine TY that might have more block errors but often not. They are wrapped in plastic and have “value” labeled on the outside. As TYG01s are discontinued these will probably be gone after a while. In my opinion, these are not a different grade; it is probable that they are just clearance.

Once they are opened you cannot tell them apart from any other TY.

Is it labeled by Taiyo Yuden or an importer?

labeled by the vendor as part of the advertisement to attract customers

That doesn’t sound good.

These are labeled as TY and many of us have burned hundreds with no problem. They are genuine TY, made in Japan. I can’t speak about the Burnmaster discs.

Made in Japan doesn’t always mean made in Japan. It only means some part of the products were made in Japan by Taiyo Yuden. Not all of the TY CD and DVD media made in Japan are 100% made by TY itself. I can’t explain easily because the industry insiders always try to hide such trade secrets and onl whisper when they talk. It becomes prettye ugly sometimes when some of the secrets are revealed to the public (happened once regarding TV CD-R media because there were at one moment somehow more than one company importing from TY Japan, the small and new one starting to criticize the established and so the latter couldn’t just continue lying.)

Those three shops always sell cheapest DVD media since the days when only 1x and 2x meda were available.

I’m not implying those TYG01 media are any different from real That’s TYG01.

I’m glad someone else agrees with me. I know for a fact that TYG02 media is made outside of Japan but I can’t prove it because I was only shown documents and invoices and so I can’t show you.

Anyway, so many companies do it and try to keep it a secret and refuse to put things in writing. Prodisc are not allowed to put in writing that they make CD-R for Verbatim for example.

There is NO TY discs that don’t have the TY codes on the hub of the disc (ie GG XXXXXXXX or GD XXXXXXX or TG XXXXXXX) If your so called offical but made overseas TY’s don’t have these codes then they are FAKE TY. Simple.
Don’t try and pass off fake MID TY’s as real.

And all these “value” discs have the official TY serial numbers near the hub. I should have mentioned that as well. While theoretical assumptions about county of origin and fake TY is interesting, it does not apply to these discs.

Sorry but all Discs TY sells are made by Thats Fukushima and only by Thats Fukushima. There are no other production facilities which make any TY discs worldwide. Thats Fukushima is a very big production facility in my Hometown in Fukushima prefecture (because of that i had the chance to see production). Sure Polycarbonate and silver are some products which are not produced by TY. Polycarbonate is bought in pellet form from a big chemical or oil producing company. Packing of discs for Japanese market is also only done in Fukushima. For other markets some discs are packed overseas but not produced (discs get packed in special cases for shipment and then get packed in to 50pcs spindles, 10Pcs plastic cases etc elsewhere for overseas markets). So if anyone got an invoice from outside Japan then thats maybe from the packing company or just fake.

All TY should be made in Japan.

But most TY media is then shipped in large bulk spindles to China and then labelled, branded, given printable surface etc in China. They are also put in cake boxes or jewel cases in China. Thus the invoice will in many cases state China.

I tried to be careful: It only means some part of the products were made in Japan by Taiyo Yuden.

And it’s not TY that sells some TY media. TY sells to OEM buyers and from there TY has less degee of control.

If there’s Taiyo Yuden in your hometown, there’s SKC in Chon An, 40-min by KTX rail from Yongsan Station. SKC invites lots of consumers and reporters there just like Samsung and LG do often. They usually stay from morning to 5-6 PM in the factory looking at the production lines with occasional conversations with the engineers and managers, but nobody actually knows everything about their deals with Hitachi-Maxell or how their “trash-degree” SKC media meant for destruction are sold on a few retail online stores or how they could influence the government to make 56% tax on all imported CD media possible.

Let’s suppose there are two, not one, companies that import media from TY Japan to South Korea, one based in Seoul and the other in Busan. The first has been longer in the market and has a larger market share but suddenly attacks the latter among the dealer community and enthusiast consumers and testify the TY media from them are not TY but their own products are real TV even though they admit that theirs are not 100% made by TY either. So the wounded competitor that brings TY media market prices down wants to say something to alarmed consumers and small resellers and starts talking more. The small war ended in basically the first company achieving more complete monopoly of the TY Japan source, but they still couldn’t prevent a third company from importing from the Verbatim-end of Mitsubishi (bypassing the importers of Mitsubishi-branded Mitsubishi media) and TY/Mitsubishi media.


I hardly suspected those would have any different MID or serial numbers, but none of what I have said has anything to do with theory or assumptions.


Even packaging is an important manufacturing process especially with DVD recordable media. Adding something onto those is even more important.

As the original question asked specifically about TY value line, I had trouble seeing what your theories or assumptions would do to help that individual make a judgement about those specific discs. I was referring specifically to those discs as I have a reasonable amount of first-hand experience with them and because I have spoken with a large supplier who deals directly with TY in the USA.

Kenshin sorry but I dont get it with that not 100% Made in Japan.
I saw the whole production where they make discs from scratch including packing into 50Pcs spindle/jewel case etc with the THATS wrapping. These discs then are sold by START Lab to distributor channels and ending in shops in Akihabara.
I saw how they make the glass master, metal stamper, the plastic discs (polycarbonate gets pressed in a metal stamper), the spincoating of the dye (TY develops own dye), applying of the reflection layer (silver) and bonding of the Disc as well as pre-writing and silkscreen/offset printing of labels, QC and packing into spindles/jewel case and wrapping and the place where discs get ready to be transported to Start lab (I saw it for CD-R and DVD). Now I dont know where the glass (for glass stamper) metal (Nickel for metal stamper) polycarbonate, bond, silver and machinery to produce come from but I think that is not relevant.

This is an open forum. Saying “there are Premium and Value line” among TY disks could confuse many people and that was why I replied.

TY isn’t in the US but in Japan. If you talked to someone who deals with a TY distributor in the US, most of what I posted here are based on my own importing and distributing experiences and lengthy conversations with manufacturers and importers (as a partner, not a consumer.) None of what I said was about your own disks so why are my words dismissed as “theories or assumptions” by you?

As for the original question, look again.


How does one know if their TY discs are ‘Premium’ or ‘Value’ line discs?


Where do they in Taiyo Yuden use such terms like Premium or Value?

I asked back so because the “value line” TY disks sounded like real TY disks like what others buy. If you are just displeased because I wrote something about another issue, you misread my intention.

I know what you mean, but I wasn’t talking about That’s media, or about TY’s Japanese market for that matter. I know the That’s 50-disc spindles that people in South Korea order are packaged in Japan. I also have some hundred TY DVD+R disks shipped via Lite-On IT of Hsin Tsu which must have been ordered from TY Japan as well, either Lite-On brand or That’s brand.