Taiyo Yuden Premium 8X DVD-R Media (Premium Line) 200 Pack in Cake Box with 200 Pack

Good Deal on some great media, 200 paper sleeves (200 Premium Line TYG02) $59.99 shipped :bigsmile:

I’ve got so many paper sleeves right now I dont use… and I’d rather have +R’s, they never seem to have a good deal on them.

I do not use them either but if you check your local KMart this week you might find TY made Sony +R 8x Yuden000 T02 $14.99 for 50 :wink:

Grabbed 4 packs Sunday, now waiting for 25 packs to go on sale so I can clean out my Sears lol.

this is their regular deal, you will see all the time