Taiyo Yuden/ Plextor the best quality media you can get for the 2510?!


If you want best quality, is Taiyo Yuden CD and DVD media (Plextor media is also Taiyo Yuden I believe) the best media you can get for the 2510?! Doesn’t Taiyo Yuden have the best reputation, so why go with other media?

Anybody ever tested Taiyo Yuden vs other media regarding audio quality of a burned cd-r, especially when you listen to it on a big hifi system (that’s when you can really here the difference)?!

Does someone hear the difference? :bow:

Over time, the CD-R media production industry has matured, which has resulted in most CD-R discs on the market reaching pretty good quality. :slight_smile:
For the best quality, reliability and longevity, you should still go with Taiyo Yuden.

Where is the world can you buy Taiyo Yuden? I know Taiyo Yuden only relabeled as Pextor or whatever.

Verbatim pastel DVD-Rs are definitely TY (not sure about the +R)
Available in the UK from http://www.cd-rmedia.co.uk

Quite why anybody would bother trying to scrimp a few pence by using cheapo media is beyond me.

I’ve had very good results also using RICOHJPNR02 DVD+Rs. Burnt many flawlessly at 8x and PI in Kprobe always under 8-10.

I thought Mitsubishi Chemical Corp owns Verbatim. Why then would Verbatim use Taiyo Yuden discs? Can someone explain this?

why not?