Taiyo Yuden packaging characteristics?

I found these DVD-Rs at Computer Geeks


and the packaging looks a lot like the TY made Samsung DVD+Rs that Newegg had on sale a few days ago. Is it a pretty safe bet that the Computer Geeks media is also made by Taiyo Yuden? I sent them an email asking for the media code, but don’t know if I’ll be getting a response any time soon.

Its quoted price is too less to be TY media ( its like $23 for a 50 pack ).
Packaging looks similar … but at that price I really really doubt if its TY.

Not really, it’s been $28 per 100 for a long time, at ACCAProducts.com

That spindle in the photo is of a TY spindle, however, be advised that photos on most commercial sites are for display purposes only, and the item that you will receive may differ from what is shown.