Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim AZO



I experienced that CDR with a blue dye have a great compatibility with various hardware especialy on the PS2, the taiyo yuden with a light blue dye and the Verbatim Metal AZO with a deep blue dye.
I bought once some verbatim that were not with a AZO dye, with a white top but not the printable one, and they were hard to get read on my PS2, they have a light green dye, while the deep blue one work great, as well as other CDR with a blue dye.

But I wonder which are the best, taiyo yuden have a great reputation and personaly I don’t have any problem with Verbatim Metal AZO.
In your opinion, what’s your preference? and what do you think about the Datawrite 40x with a blue dye, it seems to be made by ProDisc it work fine but I have a Plextor Premium and it always write at 24x with PowerRec on.
Are Ritek are good? I had some in the past such as Traxdata disc and they were medium quality.


Hello Le_Zouave, and welcome to our forum!

Taiyo yuden produces the best media around (although, this is what I know from my experience, and I guess that most people on the board agree with me).

Although TY media is very good, there are other brands that perform pretty good as well.

Verbatim is one of those brands that have good, mediocre and low quality discs. Some are made by TY, others by Ritek etc.

Prodisc and Ritek are brands that don’t have a constant quality. For various purposes, I use lots of cheap media (most Ritek, but some Prodisc) as well, and it just comes down to a number of factors:

  • luck (you may catch a bad batch)
  • the writer you use
  • the speed you write at
  • the reader the disc needs to be used in

I know it can be hard to choose the proper media. Always remember this: if the data on the media is (very) valuable to you, be sure to use good media (I even make 2 backups of some discs). If not, (like a weekly backup), cheap media can do as well, if your system works fine with it.

If you want to know lots of things about different CDR(W) or DVDR(W) media, be sure to visit our Media forum, as there is a big amount of information there.

Besides that, feel free to ask :slight_smile:


Originally posted by Le_Zouave

But I wonder which are the best, taiyo yuden have a great reputation and personaly I don’t have any problem with Verbatim Metal AZO.

Are Ritek are good?
Hi there !

You should not kick the habit if the TY ( Cyanine dye ) and Verbatim ( Metal AZO ) work best for you.

IMHO, Ritek have recently reached their really good quality and become a decent competitor to TY :

Those belong to the Phthalocyanine family of dyes and it is the media with the Cyanine dye that seems to work best with the picky Plextor.
Check the recommended by Plextor media to make sure what to choose > www.plextor.be/english/technical/cdrmedia.html