Taiyo Yuden or Mitsui in Bombay?

Taiyo Yuden or Mitsui in Bombay ???

Has anyone come across these brands or other famous brands on the forum in Mumbai/Bombay ???


No - Never.

darshan :

Tell na - I am planning to buy a writer 40X or 48X - which should I buy ASUS or SONY ?

email me plz : netbombay@yahoo.com

You are a pro - plz help me.

I kind of burn a lots of CD (data) in my office - so I dont want errors and all that…I had a 16X SONY and it was a good investment.


Go for the Lite-On 48x12x48x LTR-48125W.

Its available in Mumbai for around Rs. 4750.

This drive rocks for sure.

You can also buy the Lite-On 40x & overclock to 48x.

Lite-On 40x is for around Rs. 4250/-

You will get best Quality Burn with LTR-48125W & the latest VS08 firmware.

I like the lite-ons because they release firmwares frequently & are really fast.

Just remember, Asus & Lite-On use the same chipset.

Sony is a re-badged Lite-On.

Asus designs there own drives.

You have to make the ultimate choice.

My opinion - any Lite-On.

Also, this is the best forum to take care of your problems.

Just mailed you pps111.