Taiyo Yuden on sale today

Don’t know if this was posted or not if so sorry. I saw a link yesterday for yudens for 32 for 100 at at supermedia.com.I went their today and saw they were running a special for 24 dollars a 100.
I typed in I wanted 4 orders at that price ,it showed them at 32 for 100 until I typed in the coupon code on the pay page ,it gave me 8 bucks off on all 4 orders.With shipping it came to 116.49 .I know the shipping was free on 32 for 100 but I needed several hundred so it was cheaper for me to get them at 32 with 20 bucks shipping.

http://www.supermediastore.com/taiyo-yuden-4x-dvd-r-media-silver-matte-spindles-100.html I think it ends today

It was discussed before, a good buy nontheless. Also on that same page, the BenQ lightscribe burner was $89 after MIR. Is that a good deal?

Good deal on the BenQ I believe since they were saying these drives were going to be retailing for $199 (at least the HP ones). How much is the MIR for? And the TY’s as discussed before are “value” grade media. You can get either TYG01’s or TYG02’s… not bad discs though at all for the price. :slight_smile:

BenQ lightscribe burner is normally over $100. But lightscribe is around $1 a piece for CDR, and lightscribe DVD+/-R is not yet available. Yes, you can use normal DVD+/-R without the lightscribe. Why buy a special DVD burner which you can only burn special CDR? :rolleyes:

I believe HP/BenQ is playing the ink game again :Z

$119 - $30 MIR