Taiyo Yuden OEM - 8x Inkjet Printable



Taiyo Yuden OEM - 8x Inkjet Printable
Burned at 8x
NEC 3520AW
The quality score seems to be okay but the number of PIE’s are too high. Is there a particular firmware that works great with NEC3520 & tyg02? I’ve tried the two latest firmwares for nec 3520. please advise on what i’m doing wrong. thanks

PI Errors
average 113.54
maximum 836
total 1726587

pi failures
average 0.64
maximum 9
total 5139
4281 mb

Quality Score 95


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This post doesn’t contain any scans of test results, and it is also a request for advice.


hiwass, which drive are you using for scanning and at what speed?

Could you post a scan as a PNG picture file?

You can save the scan by clicking on the small floppydisk icon at the right-hand side of the Nero CD-DVD Speed title bar.

NEC drives are known to be quirky scanners, and if scans look strange at one scanning speed, it might help to change the scanning speed. Many people find that 8x is the worst scanning speed on NEC drives, and most use 5x.
Personally I use 12x because 5x is also a bad scanning speed on my NEC ND-4551A.


I use the nec3520aw drive to scan at 8x. i will try to figure out how to post the PNG file. thanks


You have a quality score which is fine.
Your PIE is well below the 280 limit. It’s fine. Stop worrying.


No it isn’t - the maximum PIE is 836!

But as I said above, NEC drives are known to be quirky scanners, and many of them are particularly bad when scanning at 8x.

I would still like to see a scan picture attached, and perhaps a scan at 5x instead of 8x.

@hiwass, you can read here about how to attach scans to your post.


burned at 8x
NEC 3520AW
Thanks for showing me how to attach the pictures.


Oops My apologies. I read the average PIE … /end oops
Regardless, your disc should be fine.
Many scanners report higher PI errors than they should.

  • Remember that the scan is telling you the readability of the disc in that particular drive. For any other drive it may be much better (hopefully) or worse.


3520 isn’t the most fantastic burner/scanner. Last fw i used was 1UF whatever that was. In general i wasn’t satified with the 3520 so i switched to LG after a few weeks :wink: Still i suppose the drive should be able to make ok discs. My scans are much better than yours though. Below is burned @8x