Taiyo Yuden Normal vs Silver Inkjet vs White Inkjet

I’m getting ready to buy some Taiyo Yuden DVD+R, 4.7GB, 8X and am looking at the variations at Rima.com

  1. The normal ones…I assume these are shiny top?
  2. Silver Inkjet Printable…are these matte silver topped?
  3. White Inkjet Hub Printable

Are these all exactly the same media just with different tops? Will they all burn the same?

Do the Inkjet Printable models actually come with separate sticker lables ready to be ran through a printer then applied to the DVDs?

I just bought 200 of the White 8X+R’s from Rima 2 weeks ago. If you click on the different ones(the blue type) you’ll see they all have the same code (Media ID : YUDEN000T02) So IMO they are the same just a different top coating on them.

There is also another variation I originally overlooked. It is called “White Thermal (Everest Hub Printable)”.


The TY02 8X+R are all good, no matter what icing is on the cake. :wink: And as an added bonus you know you are getting the real deal when buying from Rima. :iagree:

Where do u buy these for good deals

No, the top surface of the disc itself allows for printing.

Is the silver on the silver inkjet versions a matte texture?

Are the normal ones just shiny, plain top?

Is there a website that has pics and better explains the differences?


I bought some Taiyo Yuden (TYG02 , dvd-r 8x , white inkjet) from rima.com for $42.xx out the door … i used standard shipping, it took exactly a week for me to receive the dvd’s… i ordered real early on a monday and it was in my hands the next monday.

as for printing i doubt i will print anything on them… i just got them like that for extra protection to the top of the disc itself :wink:

i aint even burned any of them yet and i had them for probably 3weeks or so now, lol… i need to find something to burn to them thats worth burning :wink:

There really isn’t any “extra” protection from that white layer of paint on a DVD (CD’s, however, are different). The construction of a DVD has the data layer sandwiched between two plastic layers of equal thickness, so you would have to scratch the back over half-way through the disk to do any real damage (other than cosmetic).

This is interesting…I’m about to purchase some Taiyo Yuden CDs from Rima as well. Initially I bought the regular “shiny silver” ones from them but they were very suseptible to finger prints and smudges and I felt they were just not “safe” enough. I’m now going to purchase the kind with the inkjet top. I dont plan on using an inkjet printer. I’ll most likely just write on the hub [does it mater what kind of marker you use if its just the hub?] but I’d like to know if the “silver” printable top has better compatability then the “white”. That silver metalic thing just sounds like it’ll work better than a coat of white paint. :slight_smile:

DVD’s need no “protection” at all on the back side, as it’s a hard polycarbonate disc. You can write on them with anything you like, even scratch it on there. There’s nothing more or less “Safe” about any of the different types. You simply cannot harm a DVD’s backside unless you really try.

The silver printable are actually only a plain shiny silver disc with an opaque clear coating. They look much like any frosted silver disc.

Thanks for the info…I now know I dont have to worry much about those tough DVD-Rs. :slight_smile:
I’m still not sure on the CDs though…sounds like maybe the white coating may be a little tougher…?

I just recently realized this. Look at the edge of a CDR. There is only one layer of plastic; the reflective layer is on top. Looking at the edge of a DVDR, you can see two layers of plastic; reflective layer is in the middle.

I used to assume CDRs were better for archiving than DVDRs. Now I dunno. :confused:

Edit: about the top surface for CDR, the consensus seems to be: as long as you stay away from the dirt-cheap stuff with the bare reflective layer on top, you’re OK. I like the white ink-jet compatible coating myself but it does tend to generate a bit of dust.

Yes, the normal ones are a just shiny plain topped. I got 200 of them about a month ago and I have been extremely happy. I did not get the print capable ones because I do not have the equips needed to properly use it and a magic marker works just fine on these.

Link to the ones I ordered… Normal T02 @ Rima.com


One thing that I have noticed lately - the Taiyo Yuden shiny silver CD-R’s tend to show fingerprints much more readily than the shiny silver DVD’s - wonder why-eh?

The shiny ones tend to fingerprint very easily. White ones don’t, but don’t spill any crap on them.

Personally I like branded media like verbatim non printable discs. The old TDK discs looked quite nice. They had a light blueish grey top which looked better than anything silver.

The only reason I can think of is that the shiny silver DVDs have a sandwich structure (so you’re not touching the lacquer directly, but a layer of polycarbonate).
But I don’t use shiny silver CD-Rs, they’re too delicate…

That’s CD-R with Ceramic Coat ftw!! :bigsmile:

I just bit the bullet and ordered "Taiyo Yuden WaterShield CD-R 80 " from Rima.com. They cost a little more but when you’re paranoid about your discs this seemed like the best way to go.

Wow. Taiyo Yuden CD-R with water-resistant printable surface.
You will definitely have a lot of fun with these discs :slight_smile: