Taiyo Yuden No Shiny Silver?



Hi I was considering buying some of this media since I’ve heard great things about it. The problem is I like the tops to not be shiny silver. I’m assuming when they say shiny silver it looks almost like a bottom?

The shiny silver tops on media always bothered me,perhaps because fingerprints and it reminds me of a mirror an I don’t like mirrors.

Seriously though do Taiyo Yuden make any dvdr media that have matte tops or no mirror like tops? Unless I’m reading the explanation of their version of shiny silver wrong?

Thanks for any info. :bow:


I am pretty sure that Taiyo Yuden also makes white hub printable discs also. Checkout supermediastore.com


Yes you can get TY printables. I also hate shiny silver discs.


Hehe (trust me to take that the wrong way!) :bigsmile:

I’m pretty sure they do make printable discs (without shiny silver finish)…in fact, I just saw some full-face printable ones on www.svp.co.uk - don’t know where you’re located, though.


They make shiny silver, silver printable and white printable.

The silver printables don’t look too shiny.

If your in the UK here’s a link to a stockist. If you click on the media code you also get a little picture. :slight_smile:


I’m wondering how much this can bother you while the disc is inside a drive?



Well If I know they are shiny then even if they where in the drive it would bother me. Then I have to take them out and realized the many finger prints of doom! :wink:


You ask a question like this of someone who goes by the user id “Mentally Normal”? :bigsmile: @the original post, as is mentioned above you could get the white top inkjet printable discs. They are more expensive but if you are that anal about the surface of the disc, then I’m sure you would pay extra for it. :wink:


Let’s be friendly to new members, shall we? :slight_smile:

I can personally relate to [B]MentallyNormal[/B]'s concern with silver tops (or golden tops) and fingerprints. Ok it doesn’t prevent me from using them, but it kinda bothers me too to have fingerprints appearing all the time on these, even if I just washed my hands.


I think the silver inkjet printables would hold up the best over time, as the white will tend to discolor more obviously. That said, I have loads of shiney silver lacquer discs around, and not a single fingerprint on any of them. :doh:


Thank you for all the suggestions. I think I’ll go with the silver inkjet printables. Since they are silver,but not shiny. Those plain white ones bother me. I know it’s not big of a deal,but it’s just a preference,kind of like how some people like ketchup with their eggs.

Again thank you for the information you freaks! I mean that in a good way. :iagree:


What would happen if one printed TY shiney silver lacquer discs with a Epson R200?


Blobs of ink that never dry. Basically, a ruined disc.


:iagree: 100% true. I’ve tried… ( in my “[I]I want to try everything[/I]” days… :rolleyes: LOL )


give the guy a break, i’m not into that shine either and if he is more concerned about the cosmetics then let him be.I’d spend the extra for the printable, the shiny silver is just gross.


Yup, since we all spend so much time just staring at our discs rather than watching the movies on them. :rolleyes:


The importance that someone gives or doesn’t give to the “look and feel” of his/her discs is nobody else’s business. To each his own.
I see no reason to mock people who like/dislike their discs in flavour X or Y, for whatever reason.
Tastes are not rational, they’ve never been and never will, and there’s nothing wrong with that. :disagree:


Yeah i hate those shiny discs too, they look like dog poo when they get scratched on the surface, or worn. I and im sure plenty of people associate that finish on the surface of the disc as a mark of ‘el-cheapo’ media, regardless of what brand it is.


You can use the Casio Disc Title Printer and it will print on any discs. Just good for titles and cast. You can change the size and use other fonts, its okay.


Yeah, I know. I just couldn’t resist pointing that out when rdgrimes questioned. It was more out of fun than anything else. I will admit that my last comment was sarcastic, I guess it was just how Nattefrost worded it that set me off. If Nattefrost had said something like “I don’t like shiny silver because of fingerprint smudges” I probably would’ve left it alone.