Taiyo Yuden MID?

Hey folks, just got 100 dvd+r 8x from rima. There are white stickers on both cakebox’s of 50 that say “disc MID: yuden000 t02” What does MID mean? Thanks.

Means the Manufacturer ID. It’s info about the maker stored on the disc. :slight_smile:

Rima are very good, so they should be what they say they are. :wink:

Edit: Enjoy those T02s…I snap them up whenever I find them! :bigsmile:


That is the manufacturers identification number - and your T02’s are some of the best there are - and getting them from Rima proves that you are a very smart shopper-eh!


Without the stamper code which will be near the hub we can’t say whether or not it is a TY disc. MIDs have been faked in the past and some still are to make discs more compatible with drives, as all it is used for is for the writers to use the best write stratagy that is listed in it’s firmware for that disc.

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True, but I’d have thought there would be no such problem with Rima. Good point though, definitely no harm in checking the hub! :iagree:

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Thanks for the responses, there are 3 codes.

It’s the first code that is needed. THat is a legit stamper code so they are legit TYs.

Also the hub is clear see-through unlike my frosted cdrs. Is this common?

Yes, unless they are hub printable, most DVDs have completely clear hubs.

Alright, thanks alot for the help!

TG001162 - looks good, so I agree with Jay :slight_smile:

You have some excellent discs there, use them wisely :bigsmile: