Taiyo Yuden Media Question Reguarding TY Discs In The UK



Im curious, does any one know why Taiyo Yuden Media is so expensive here in the uk and why is it that apart from the verbatim pastel we only seem to get unbranded silver top or printable ones??

And do the silver top discs start to peel off as i have seen this happen on silver top discs(proberly not TY discs). This is one of the main reasons i dont like silver top discs.


You can get some Fuji branded DVD+R TY discs for a decent price in the UK. Fuji +R is well known for being TY, so these definitely aren’t fakes. They certainly aren’t the price of the budget media that e-net distributes but then again you get what you pay for. :wink:



TY and Mitsui unbranded CDR media I have is lacquered - which I do not class as having a silvered top - not sure if you can get this in dvdr media. They must have a reflective layer, but not like the silvery printed on top I see on other discs, such as with the Plextor branded CDR’s - nice though it is :slight_smile:

I thought you could get lacquered TY in the states or Canada? Maybe not. As pointed out, the Fuji ones from APR are great - just stay clear of any other TY Mid code discs they have - it is thought they are not real TY’s.


I dont use +R discs.



This is purely down to the price the UK Taiyo Yuden distributor charges for the media.

We still work on the same profit margin as we do with all the other media but as you can see if you look around the price of the TY is considerably more.

We think this may be due to the volume of TY being sold in the UK is very low compared to the “budget” brands so the distributor is paying more due to the “smaller” volume they purchase of TY.



I see…

What about the TY discs that say they have a silvertop.It does’nt peel off does it ?like cheaper discs that have a silver top…


Nope it doesn’t peel off. I have used well over a 100 of these discs over the last year or so and have yet to have a problem. Fingerprint smudges can be a bit of a pain though.


Hello Brian at Digitalpromo. Hope the business is well!

Are you still buying primarily from e-Net?


Hi JMY … sorry for not replying sooner.
As Jesterrace says, these are absolutely fine and the silver top does not “peel” of.

Slim Bim Jim … thank you.
We buy from many, many distributors and are official e-tailers for many of these such as Traxdata, Gigatain, TY and many of the E-Net brands to name a few.
We are trying to offer the best selection available from budget brands through to premium brands… hopefully something for eveyone :slight_smile: