Taiyo-Yuden Media Online

Hi everyone. I seen an advertisement on the net about Taiyo-Yuden media, and it directed me to this Yahoo store.

Just wondering if you all think it’s safe, and if the media is actually any good. The price seems really good, $21 for 8x 50 spindle, or $25 for 16x 50 spindle. (with shipping the 16x 50 pack spindle would set me back $30.50)

Yaiyo-Yuden Media

I have a Lite-On 1693S (KS09).

If your in the US, buy from Rima.

Or SuperMediaStore.com

To answer your question, it looks like genuine TY and no sellers in the US have tried to sell fakes as real TY yet. The store looks new and resellerratings only has 3 reviews as yet, all good. The others are right though, Rima, supermedia, and meritline are long term sellers and Rima has a flawless reputation. Lastly, the price you link to is just OK.

I’ve looked into rima.com prices since about the first 2x/2.4x DVD writers appeared. Mostly reasonable prices and user reviews have been positive. It was not fortunate for the US consumers that TY DVD media appeared too late there.

Cool. Thanks for all the information everyone.

Another vote for rima.com here.

I have bought and spoken directly to the sales reps at Media Supply. They are an authorized dealer from Microboards (Main US TY distributor). Which I also confirmed with Microboards. If you’re on the East Coast and impatient, Media Supply can be a better deal than Rima because of the shipping time and cost.

If you don’t mind waiting an extra day or 2, go for Rima with ground shipping.

Thanks for the follow up, D1.

I’m on the east coast and will give them a shot on my next purchase.