Taiyo Yuden Media in Singapore



Hi Guys!

Is there any fellow singaporean members here in CDFreaks?

I am trying to find out where to get TY media in singapore and seems like the only one right now is a brand called ‘That’s’. The official site is here http://startlab.co.jp/ss/products/thats/list.asp?md=dvm&use=d&spd=16 . The site is mainly on some jap/chinese font which i can’t read but there are some english stuff here and there.

I think its pretty much the real deal as it says on top of the page that its a joint venture by song and Taiyo Yuden Corporation. But I heard its expensive. I have to go check it out. I would love to order those TY discs from www.rima.com but it does not ship internationally. If anyone knows a site that can ship internationally, that would be great too.

Anyhoo, thanks and hope to see a fellow singaporean here who would know a good place to get TY discs.


That’s is the official TY brand,yes. It WILL be TY. ANyway, wait for eleewhm, Sen and MacClipper as well as raygay to turn up… they are the most active Singaporean members here!


Fujifilm is also TY made, you can get them at Z.Nix (SLS)

Verbatim chameleon series 4x DVD+R (Made in Japan, actually it’s 8x rated) can be found also at all Chamoxa branchs/Z.Nix, not top grade thr but cheap.


Yeah, but if Fuji media in Singapour is anything like it is here in the US, then he is more likely to get a defective batch under the Fuji label. After my experiences I won’t trust re-labels anymore. :wink:


Fuji TY media overall has been fairly good in my experience. I just went thru a spindle of unbranded shiny silver YUDEN000T02 from Rima and I didn’t notice any quality difference between it and most of the Fuji spindles I’ve used.


I second Two Degrees. Bought spindles and spindles of Fuji T02 mostly from bestbuy and they are great. Bought 50pack oem TY T02 from rima, they don’t seem to be much different, so I never bought an OEM TY since. In fact, the Fuji T02 is much cheaper if they are on sale.


are stocks of the Verbatim pastels running out soon?

I noticed Chamoxa and Southasia having only the 25pc spindles. ~$25.


Verbatim pastel DVD+Rs are gone. I walked all over Sim Lim looking for them earlier this week and there are none left. Plenty of DVD-R discs around though. Finally I gave up and went to Chamoxa to ask if they had any more in stock. I asked a lady there (I assume she is the boss) and she said there was none left. She even called her supplier for me and he told her that there will be no more +R pastels coming in. He said there will be new stock coming in but the packaging is different and it’s impossible to tell if the stuff inside is made by Taiyo Yuden.

So if you happen to want the +R pastels and are lucky enough to find any in stock, you’d better buy them now.