Taiyo Yuden introduces new That's Triple Guard DVD-R product series

I just posted the article Taiyo Yuden introduces new That’s Triple Guard DVD-R product series.

kg_evilboy wrote in with the following complete news:On May 24, 2007, Taiyo Yuden announced the introduction of the new That’s “Triple Guard” DVD-R product series. The triple…

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Are there any plans to release Triple Guard DVD+R? That would be great.

Oh, maybe I should wait with my order… or not buy so many discs :smiley:

I just wonder what will be the price of these? I use TDK ScratchProof DVD-R and they’re not only durable but give excelent burns in my LG GSA-4163 burner and aren’t very expensive.

yawn… wake me up when Taiyo Yuden does something worth paying attention to. They probably aren’t even using their own technology for this hard coating even I bet.

Why does a DVD-R need “static protection” and “1000x more static electric discharge”? What does this actually mean? Can a DVD-R be damaged by static electricity? I think the third point of this “triple protection” is pure marketing nonsense!

> Why does a DVD-R need “static protection” and “1000x more static electric discharge”? In theory this could significantly reduce the amount of dust that is attracted to the disc. Dust that is attached to the disc during writing can reduce the burn quality by partially blocking or diffusing the laser beam. Dust that is attached to the disc during reading can make the disc harder to read for the same reason. Now that’s theory. Whether it has a practical effect is hard to say without actually testing the Triple Guard discs.

Hmmm, I’d be surprised if they could match the quality of Verbatims MCC02RG20 scratch proof discs. TY is already overpriced as it is. Scratch proof media by them will be bloody expensive.

shame its not plus-r, i’m just about to order some more yuden003’s. scratch-proof would be lovely as i’ve got to the point where i keep everything on stacks of 250gb hard drives and only trust unimportant data to dvd.