Taiyo Yuden in Safeway/Morrisons

Just bought some blank dvd’s in work (safeway) to find out that they are Taiyo Yuden! They have the media code Yuden000 T01 and are branded as Maxell DVD+R 1-4x speed. They are sold as 5 packs in cases on a BOGOF (buy one get one free) offer at £9.99 (still a bit pricey for 10 dvds!).

Luckily i get 12.5% off :smiley:

The DVD+RW on the same offer are Philips 041, though you have to get 2 of the same type to get one free.

Rip-off prices - what do you expect from stores. Go to www.blankshop.com and get a box of 5 Maxell +R (TY) discs for £3.25 inc of VAT - or a tub of 25 for £11.50 inc (paid £18.50 a few months back - sadly).

This info has been posted to these forums so many times now - SVP, Blankshop and http://www.os-mediatrade.de/ all have good deals of TY media.