Taiyo Yuden in Germany?

Is there any chance to get Taiyo Yuden DVD+Rs in germany ?
I did search for hours and all i found are DVD-R ?!

Look for Fujifilm DVD+R 8x “Made in Japan” and for Verbatim DataLifePlus Pastel DVD+R 8x (it must be the “Pastel”). Both are Taiyo Yuden YUDEN000 T02.

I have bought several of the Fujifilm 25pk cakeboxes from German on-line shops and these media have been YUDEN000 T02 every time.

The Fujifilm in 25pk can currently be bought at www.WeSellCD.com for 10,50€ plus shipping.

I can confirm what DrageMester said. Fujifilm 8x “Made in Japan” should be easy to get here (MediMax, Ebay).

Stay away from cheap brands like Gigatain that are not really Taiyo Yuden but use their media code.

Thanks i think i will then testbuy some fujifilm and verbatim pastel.
Now i know for sure what i need.
Are the pastel ones the discs in different colored cases ?

Yu can also try Plextor Media. They should be TY for sure!

Yes, but they are probably the most expensive (single layer) media you can get.

They are available in the Feurio on-line shop: http://www.feurio.de/feurio-cgi/shop.fcgi?NewSession=yes

Current pricing is 43€ for a 25pk or 1,49€ for a single in jewel-case. :confused:

Disclaimer: I have never ordered anything from the Feurio on-line shop myself.

In Vienna, I ordered a box of 5 pieces in Jewecase for 6.07 at http://www.mts-shop.at.

Thanks i think i give plextor a try and in the feurio shop they list the MID thats very good.

Another place in Germany to find TY +/- DVDR


mediatrade is way to expensive! Try www.opusshop.de for fujifilm 8x which are YUDEN00T02

So far the best shop im not rich so this is well suited for me thx XD


you could get some 5-pack Verbatim Pastel DVD+R (which are TY-Discs) in slimcases at Amazon.de .

e.g. Verbatim DVD+R 4x 5er-slimcase-pack for 5,99 EUR
Verbatim DVD+R 8x 5er-slimcase-pack for 5,99 EUR (some weeks ago for only 3,99 EUR :smiley: )

Not the cheapest ones but in local stores you pay 7,99 EUR and don’t forget that you don’t pay p+p at Amazon.de when buying for at least 20,- EUR (and you get (colored) slimcases :wink: )

Cya Ryushi

Ups, the 8x are temporary out of stock and the 4x are nearly out of stock :sad:

Also have a look at gropp-shop :wink:

Hmm seems like the shop runners are on vacation right now lol.
But thx for the link.
Its good when i can choose between various stores if one has nothing in stock.

There are lot of links here to Germany online shops. Unfortunately, most of them does not seem to have Taiyo Yuden any longer. I’m looking for DVD+R 8x. They are almost impossible to find at the moment. I’ll appreciate if anyone can help.

I’m not sure whether pushing old threads is welcome here… :wink:
Anyway I have posted a TY FAQ thread.

Why don’t you just buy from svp(uk) - Shipping is more but discs are way cheaper than (de). If you buy just a few 100 a time it’s a good deal to to get them from (uk) :slight_smile: