Taiyo Yuden (in CA)



Hey everyone!

I'm trying to find Taiyo Yuden discs in my city here in Nova Scotia, Canada.... The local stores and big chains (Futureshop, Staples) have Sony ones, but I want something in a spindle! And maybe something that can write at 48x with my new liteon! :slight_smile:

Anyone know other brands Taiyo Yuden are sold under, in Canada... and maybe available at futureshop?


<-- that's a direct link to their page where they sell different CD-R(W) media... it doesn't have as much variety as the store carries though :p...


Some Fuji, Memorex and TDK. Look for made in Japan on the tag of the spindle!


As far as I’ve heard, you can tell Taiyo Yuden discs if the spindle has a screw-off top. The Fuji spindles I’ve seen all have that kind of top.


Here’s a pic with the screw top.


Another way to spot is the plastic ring in the center of the disc isn’t clear, it’s a grayish color.

TY makes all FUJI CDRs, Memorex and TDK are pretty spotty. I believe Ritek is making most of TDK’s stuff these days. CMC seems to be doing the same for Memorex.


Thanks for the repy and great info everyone! I spotted the Fuji spindle @ Radio Shack


Does anyone know what speed these will burn up to on my Liteon 48x?



What speed is it? Can’t tell. I think it says 16X. Might burn @ 48X. Remember though, ratings are there for a reason, you burn faster than the rated speed, there is a greater probability that it will be a bad burn or you’ll get errors.

But with TY I think you have a better bet than with most other brands.

Going from 32-48X isn’t too bad, 16-48X is uncertain.


Or you can go to www.cddimensions.com and buy some TY 40X media. I believe they ship to canada.


:frowning: unfortunately they don’t…

on the order page, all shipping options say “US only”… And when you select Canada as country, there is no available shipping option…

Also, on http://www.cddimensions.com/policies.asp there is no mention of shipping anywhere outside the US… :frowning:


Picked up some 32x Fuji media today!

Sure enough, it said “Made in Japan”, had the greyish inside circles, and is made by Taiyo Yuden! :slight_smile:

The Liteon 48x w/ VS02 will let me burn up to 40x with Smart Burn on!

Good stuff!

Thanks a ton, everyone!


http://www.cdrsolutions.com does ship to Canada, and at a relatively cheap price. You can click on the 19 cents cdr media offer on the page, and there you’ll find some Taiyo Yuden media!


FYI that place is twice as expensive as CD Dimensions and doesn’t even list the speed rating on the CDR. Their discs are $.60 per disc per 100 and 40X TY are $.30 per disc per 100 @ CDDimensions. My bet is that smart folks won’t spend $60 on a spindle of 100 CDs.

Y’know… most people, when they can’t do anything via the net seem to drop the ball. If you pick up the phone, you’d be amazed what can happen.

Frink… Glad to know you found the media. Might want to try turning SmartBurn off in Nero and burn a few discs @ 48X.

Run scandisc and see if you get any errors. Please post your results.


This is a bit off topic (sorry about this)
I bought some TY media the other day and I’m wondering how good they are for Audio cds?

Thanks :slight_smile:



26 cents per CD, Taiyo Yuden, 32x… even cheaper! :wink:


Originally posted by Lith
This is a bit off topic (sorry about this)
I bought some TY media the other day and I’m wondering how good they are for Audio cds?

My experience with the Fuji CD-R 80min 700mb discs (Japan), which are made by TY, are excellent with regards to Audio.

My writer is a Lite-On 32123S (manf. March 2002) and the write speed is 16x. No errors. Your experience may differ though depending on the drive. Sometimes, one media writes well in one drive but doesn’t write well in another.


I’ve got a couple of TY discs in my card CD changer. Surviving Arizona summer heat.

I personally would rather pay an extra 4 cents per disc for a 40X CDR. While TY does make on the the better discs and should have no problem burning @ 48X error free, there is a greater probability that errors will come about from the 32X disc vs the 40X disc.


Does anyone know what speed these will burn up to on my Liteon 48x?


So you did buy the 48x after all!

Where did you get it? If you don’t mind my asking.

Any luck sorting out your SUV’s CD player & 80 minute discs?

I checked out the link that Bloody Aztec posted above.


26 cents per CD, Taiyo Yuden, 32x… even cheaper! "

They DO ship to Canada. Expect to get hammered on shipping & Customs Duties. But it may be worth while. TY media is hard to find in Canada.

www.staples.ca has them too. Check out the price !

That’s $52.95 & GST/PST for a 50 pack !


I bought the LTR-40125S for $135+ 15%HST from that tiny little store I was talking about… (www.mysterybyte.com)

I got it out of the box, made a test burn to make sure it worked… and overclcocked the baby to 48x! :slight_smile:

Still no luck with the SUV and 80min discs :frowning: The next time it’s in for servicing, I’m just going to ask the dealer to check it out… Wouldn’t a lot of people be complaining if all mercedes benz cd players didn’t play 80 min discs? :stuck_out_tongue:

I was also noticed those colored Fuji 32x spindles @ staples’ website… but the stupid store near me doesn’t have them?! grr maybe I’ll try another one in the area…

Thanks everyone for the help! I’m gonna try some 48x tests on the new Fuji’s :slight_smile: See how it goes