Taiyo Yuden: How much are you willing to pay?


I’ve found the only store that sells TY in my country, but the price is $2.50 a piece of -R 4x.

On another store, I’ve found Maxell -R 8x (Made in Japan) at less than half the price.

Which would you buy?

That is so expensive. Anyway, what is your burner?

Most dvd burners will burn TY very well, but you said it’s TY -R 4x?
Considering the price, I think I will go with the Maxell -R 8x (MXLRG03).

Here in the US we can get TY, Verbatim, Maxell around 80 cents a piece or less, in 50-100 pack spindle. Occasionally if they are on sale we can get for half the price, $0.40 or less.

The Maxell should work great in 90% of the burners out there. (assumes you use an 8x or 16x burner with latest firmware)

MIJ Maxells (MXLRG03) work great for me (Pioneer A09).
I definitly recommend them if you can’t afford TYs. :iagree:
Actually quality is very similar (at least on my drive).

Yup, if the Maxells are MIJ then I would definitely go that route.

Too expensive. In seoul, those two are avaliable at the price of 0.5$.

0.8 USD in the US?! You must mean buying them retail in a store and in jewel cases. I can get them on www.rima.com from about half the price if you don’t need thermal or inkjet printing discs. Check it out if you can. They might ship international too.

You skipped the last part:

True, but what adam917 was trying to say, was that you can get unbranded TY from rima.com for less than 50 cents a disc on a REGULAR BASIS. Those prices are not sale prices and have been the same price for at least the last couple of months. If you don’t mind 4x and going with the value line media, you can get TY for about 32 cents a disc on a regular basis from http://www.shop4tech.com or http://www.supermediastore.com and less than 30 cents a disc (including shipping) when there is a special/sale going on. So there are TY options that are much cheaper than 80 cents a disc going on a regular basis. :wink:


True, but here in Europe MXLRG03 Maxells, bought in 50-discs spindles, may cost under 35 cents/disc, when TYG02 is very hard to find under 48 cents/disc (100-discs spindles of unbranded TY)…

I guess in the USA buying TY over Maxells is more interesting, and in Europe it’s the other way round. TY prices just dropped last week here, but still the MIJ Maxells are cheaper.

I understand that, but the discussion between Zevia and adam917 was on the cost of TY media here in the US. It’s a moot point since the original poster doesn’t live in the US, but I just had to throw in my .02. I have to agree though that either way we are spoiled rotten here in the US for the most part with our prices on media. As for Maxells, I have personally had rotten luck with them (Yes the MIJ ones). They were all MXLRG02 4x DVD-R. 6 packs of 15 when they were on sale and they all had spotting or grubby fingerprints on the disc.

“they all had spotting or grubby fingerprints on the disc”
:eek: :eek:

No luck! :frowning: - probably from medias stocked for long in bad conditions (heat)…

Hi Jesterrace, it seems that you were a little bugged with my statements about TY prices. I know the price, online and offline from time to time. That is why I carefully wrote:

“Here in the US we can get TY, Verbatim, Maxell around 80 cents a piece or less…” to cover the regular price at local bestbuy, compusa, rima, etc…


“if they are on sale we can get for half the price, $0.40 or less…” to cover the sale price at bestbuy, shop4tech etc.

Note the bold part. The other reason I did not detail the price from store to store (offline/online) is because he is not in the US, just wanted to give him the big picture. :slight_smile:

Okay, I missed the “or less portion” in the first bit. I was just trying to clarify that you could get geniune TY for less than 50 cents a disc shipped from www.rima.com on a regular basis. That being said the poor folks in the UK really do get screwed on media prices.

“That being said the poor folks in the UK really do get screwed on media prices.”

For TY only. That’s why I mainly go Verbatim, and Maxell when I can find MIJ Maxells.
As a sidenote, it’s interesting to know that UK has the best online prices in Europe (mostly thanks to SVP). You’d be surprised to see the prices of some online stores here in Europe, I recently found a belgian one whose prices are utterly ridiculous :eek: :eek:
Check this up: http://www.ldlc.be/tri/140147_p1_tri2_1.html - how to these guys find customers ? :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Yup, SVP have been dropping prices on TY in the UK and they are actually getting close to what we pay for 8x Genuine TY here in the US. www.rima.com has the best prices on 8x unbranded TY in the US on a regular basis and they charge $41+shipping and SVP in the UK charges 35 pounds (including VAT) +shipping. Still a bit of a difference but it’s much better than it used to be.

If possible, I would buy both and see which scans better.
Otherwise, I’d go with the less expensive disc since most discs made in Japan are of good quality.

Made in Japan Maxell are just as good as Taiyo Yudens. If its half the price, you cannot go wrong. However, the made in Taiwan Maxells are still decent but not as good as the Made in Japan stuff.

I recently came upon a 50-discs spindle of “Made in Japan” (WRITTEN on the box) Maxells.

Instead of being MXLRG03, they were RITEKG05! :eek: - took them back rightaway and bought some Verbs. You never now with these G05.

It seems Maxell aren’t labeling their stuff properly anymore :confused:

Following everyone’s advice, I bought Maxell, fortunately they were MXLRG03. However now I’m scared of getting Ritek in my next purchase.
DVD media isn’t that expensive over here, just the TY because only 1 store sells them.