Taiyo yuden help

i have just buyed these taiyo tuden:


and i want to ask if these dvds are good and are they real and if they are TYG02

also i want to ask if these dvds will be good for burning wii games and if they will burn on a:

_NEC DVD±RW ND-2510A 205C (ATA)

thanks in advance im a noob

Post the codes that are stamped in the writing side of the disc.

i have not recieved them yet my post has not come and for some reason it is takin a long time

i brought these cause my friend said they are the best for burning wii games as i had tried buring them on other dvds but they always kept freezing during gameplay

thanks for the fast reply

You only know if theyre genuine TY discs if you look at them :wink:
So post the codes once you have them.

If they are genuine, they should be perfect for your Wii backups.

kk thanks Womi i will reply with the codes as soon as i recieve them and thanks for helping me

A word of caution, myself I wouldn’t buy blank media on EBAY as you could get a lot of fakes, so I would only buy them from a retail outlet, just my 2 cents here