Taiyo yuden help

Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 4.7GB, 8X, White Inkjet - Hub Printable, 100-Pack for $33 at rima.com how would i know these are the real thing cause i see people saying to look at the hub # to see if its real taiyo yuden, since the hub printable disc is covered how would i know if its real yuden?

They are real. No mainstream online retailer in the U.S. has ever advertised Taiyo Yuden media and then sold anything but legit TY media, and certainly not Rima.com.

For future reference on identifying TY media, you can look for info in the TY thread - http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=178622

then are these the “valueline” grade b product i read about?

I don’t know, but I’ve never heard of any TY labeled as Value Line media other than plain, silver topped discs.

1 more question. other stores yuden # for the white printable dvd-r is DVD-R47WPP600SK8 but only rima is DVD-R47WPP100SK8? what does this mean? just want to make sure im getting premium discs.

I don’t know, maybe they are getting shipped in boxes of quantities of 600 (very possible as that’s around the size I’ve seen a lot of media come packaged in, per box). That would be my guess, and that they’ve changed the number to ‘100’ to match the correct quantity being sold to the consumer.

ask rima (by email), i’m sure they can explain it to you.