Taiyo Yuden Gold CD-Rs?

Was nosing around Start Lab’s site and stumbled upon this: http://www.startlab.co.jp/audio/audio200409.htm

Interesting. I wonder if they really use a Gold reflective layer; the info doesn’t say. It does say it uses Super Cyanine II dye (whatever that is).

the gold discs dont use gold layer…sorry
its only a gold label
i bought some of em but was rather disappointed because it wasnt gold reflective layer

Thanks for the info. Have these discs shown any improvement over the normal TY CD-Rs?

These discs are taken from shots made by the pro-use disc stamper which means they are taken from early shots from a new stamper. The improvement is better quality discs than the normal lineup (which are discs taken from later shots of a stamper). The target of these discs are people wanting high quality discs for AUDIO (the price of the disc includes a little amount for copyright) and some special information is added to the disc for standalone CD-recorders (normal CD-R cant be used in standalone recorders). In my opinion the sound is better with these discs compared to the normal ones (it is sayd that the sound quality differs from media maker to madie maker and the label design etc also has an influence on the sound quality). But i wont go into details of different sound with different labels and different blanks (its too maniac and there is no real answer to this and we could discuss for years about this and would not find any answer lol)

Right, I’m somewhat familiar with CD-R for Audio, I was just wondering how improved these were over TY’s normal Audio or Data discs. Probably not worth the bother unless one is a serious audiophile (then again if I had better sound equipment I might become one myself).

yeah its for the audiophiles who (think they) can hear a difference if the label of the disc is green or black or white…(some say there is a difference and other say there is none and evrybody has his own theory why there is a difference or why not)