Taiyo Yuden - Going Downhill?

G’day folks,

Comparing some results from my latest purchase of Taiyo Yudens - a 10-pack of Sony CDQ80NX3 1x-32x, with the results from a previous purchase - a 10-pack of That’s CD-R CDR-80WPY 1x-32x, it seems that the recently manufactured Taiyo Yuden CD-R’s give a much higher C1 error rate than media made, say, a few months back.

All discs were recorded on a LiteON LTR-32123S using XS0Z firmware.

What’s going on?

Would someone from the US who uses the same drive please post CD Doctor or WSES scans of some of the latest TY media (e.g. Fuji 48x, Fuji 52x) and media from a while back (e.g. Fuji 24x, Fuji 32x)?

Thank you!


The older 32x and the newer 48x/40x are different media and should not be compared. The 32x media production was stopped when the newer media came out. The 32x can be burned at 40x in many drives, but 32x is the “safe” limit. Like all media, there is variation between batches. There are many variables in determining the C1/C2 rates, not the least of which is your drive.
for the most part, the 40x/48x media is excellent. You can see plenty of error scans in the test threads.

I realise that different batches of discs may have different characteristics, but I’ve used Taiyo Yudens for ages (you gotta see my collection!) and I have never had any of their discs scanned with C1 Max of 10 or greater. The current Sony 32x discs (actually 48x certified) give me a C1 Max of around 20, even if I record at 24x!


The current Sony 32x discs (actually 48x certified

They’re either 32x or 48x, not both. I assume that it says 32x on the package. If the lead-out on the ATIP is 72F, then they’re the newer 48x media. The older 32x media has a lead-out of 71F, (or 73F, I forget which).
In any case, I wouldn’t consider a max C1 rate of 20 to be much of a problem, and is well within the normal batch variation. I’ve had several bad batches of TY, much worse than that.


The leadout is at 79m 59s 73f. I guess it’s a case of old discs, new packaging! Bloody Sony!


I’m going on a faulty memory here, but I think you’re correct. The even older 16x media should be 79m 59s 74f The one you have was originally released as 24x media, then re-certified for 32x.


That IS unusual because my That’s 1x-24x and 1x-32x perform totally differently…but then again, they were different batches, and they were a different product (i.e. CDR-80TY for the 1x-24x and CDR-80WPY for the 1x-32x).

Still waiting for some That’s CD-R 2x-48x to hit Perth shelves!


That’s 1x-24x and 1x-32x perform totally differently…

Check the ATIP, I bet you’ll find the 24x are actually the TY 16x.

Nup, the 1x-24x That’s have the same ATIP as the 1x-32x That’s and 1x-32x Sony. :confused:

ATIP Code: 97m 24s 01f (I remember that off the top of my head!)
Lead Out: 79m 59s 73f


Perth has no 2X to 48X TY media, because the distributor decide to sell the cheaper chinese made unlicensed media.


My Plextor branded TY x48 cd’s have this info:

ATIP: 97m 24s 01f
Disc Manufacturer: Taiyo Yuden Company Ltd.
Reflective layer: Dye (Long strategy; e.g. Cyanine, Azo etc.)
Media type: CD-Recordable
Recording Speeds: min. unknown - max. unknown
nominal Capacity: 702.83MB (79m 59s 72f / LBA: 359847)

So, what are peoples thoughts on x48 or x24/x32 rebranded stuff?

I have burnt 460+ of these so far and I test each one fully using CDSpeed’s two tests - all 100% error free and all green. No slowdowns. Better than many Kodak / Mitsui I have used previously (plextor 241040a drive).


I guess that you really checked that the disc is TY?

Last time I bought sony CDQ-80N3 32X certified I got sony produced cyanine discs which works bad in my Lite-On…

Never had any problems with TY.

OK. I just got another batch of CDQ80NX3 Taiyo Yudens and this time, the error level is back to Taiyo Yuden’s best. C1 Max = 8, C1 Average = 0.278, and of course, no C2’s!!

TY DVD-R media are now reasonably competitively priced.

Ritek 2x DVD-R = US$1.x
TY 4x DVD-R/4x DVD+R = US$2.x

I wrote 20 pieces of those Sony TY 32x, but mine is the design mix, not color mix. Bought in 10pc packs w/ slimline cases. 2 pieces of each design in every pack. 10CDQ80ND3. The colormix and designmix have the same ATIP code and leadout values.

Strange, I ran into problems with 2 discs. They slowed down in the middle of the discs and CDSpeed showed lots of errors. These 2 discs were of the same design. But the same design from another pack were ok. Odd.