Taiyo Yuden & Fuji -mixed results

Having read how good Taiyo Yuden and Fuji disks are I decided to try a few.
Scan 1 shows a Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8X burn. I was very happy until the 3.5 gig point. A further 4 burns, of the same source, with CMC, Sony, Fuji and Ritek produced nothing similar at 3.5 gig so I’m assuming that the fault is with the disk. Not a good beginning.

Then I tried the Fuji DVD +R 8X ( made in Japan but distributed via Germany)
and produced a much better looking scan. I know that people say you can ignore PIE but I do like to see a uniform picture.

At £0.33 per disk ( $0.60) I hope that Fujfilm will continue to produce similar results

You scans look great…most seem to be getting 98 an 99% burn scores with TYG02. Have you tried a few of these -R’s? Are they producing the same results?

I use the TY02 batch 1133 and get consistant 97% results with the B7P9 FW. What is the batch number that you are using? This can be found near the outside of the hub.

Fujifilm 8x dvd+r media burned at 12X batch 1133