Taiyo Yuden (Fuji) 700MB CD-R



I was going through media spindles that I have stashed in the closet, and found a new 50-disc spindle of Fuji 700MB CD-R (MIJ, obviously TY). In a cake-box spindle (the real deal). I bought several a few years back and this is the last one which I never got to use. CD’s kind of became obsolete and I rarely burn CDs these days (when I do, they are usually Linux install discs and such which I wouldn’t use TY for, anyway). The chances are, I’ll never need it. It’s a shame to see such great media going to waste. I know there are still uses for CDs. Is anyone looking for this media? Shoot me a PM. I’ll ship within US (not sure if it’s feasible shipping overseas).


Interested and let me know.