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I just received a batch of Taiyo Yuden DVD-R x8 or at least that is what I think I have received. After opening the box I found spindles with 50 DVD closed with brown tape. I immediately became suspicious and started to investigate. I found out that real TY DVD-R x8 should have the batch code: GGxxxxxx. Unfortunately the ones I received only have 0903 on the back (data) side of the DVD. On the other side it says R8X-DH-05-19 395.

Before buying I searched the net and iwonatec was recommended so I ordered the DVDs there.

Are these real or fakes? If they are fake - any good advice on what to do? I have payed almost 50 Euro for 100 pcs.

Thanks in advance

Cheers Kim


Hi [B]tiede[/B], welcome to CD Freaks! :slight_smile:

R8X-DH-05-19 395 is not a legitimate Taiyo Yuden hub code. :disagree:
Taiyo Yuden’s original packaging has never used brown tape for sealing.

Please return them to get a refund.

Were these actually sold as “Taiyo Yuden” or under some off-the-wall brand like Mirror or Sonic?



These were the ones I ordered: http://www.iwonatec.de/product_info.php?cPath=39_45&products_id=1344

I think that they should be original - nothing on that page mentions anything else.

I will contact Iwonatec. Anybody else out there bought fake TY from Iwonatec?




If this is the case and they have been advertised and sold as Taiyo Yuden media:
Please contact Taiyo Yuden as well, because this kind of business practices should not be tolerated.


The picture of those shiny silver discs definitely doesn’t look like Taiyo Yuden. However, if you browse some of the other TY products sold on that site, some of those look legit, the pictures at least. The silver inkjet printable 8x DVD-Rs for example. The picture on the site looks exactly like the silver TYG03 I bought yesterday (TY has a pretty unique looking outer hub area). I’m not sure what the deal is with Iwonatec.


On their page they state that the media sold is Taiyo Yuden, so think that I am entitled to a refund. But I live in Denmark and do not know the consumer laws in Germany. In Denmark I could demand a refund.

How are the rules in Germany?




In Germany, § 312d BGB says that you can request a refund (which is possible until 14 days after the purchase).
Just write them a letter or send the media back. :slight_smile:

Oh… and please contact Taiyo Yuden as well. :wink:


Hi again,

Iwonatec is not responding my emails. So what to do now? Should I just send them back and hope for a refund or keep them and make oneself ill with annoyance? :slight_smile:




That really sounds bad…

You can send them back within 14 days of online purchase.
I would do that and get a refund/money back.


Revocation clause
The customer is allowed to revoke the online order (by telephone or via internet) within a period of two weeks beginning from the receipt of the delivered goods. The right of revocation does not apply for the following products: software where the seals are taken off (BGB/ German civil code, paragraph 312 d, section 4), printed cd or dvd blanks (paragraph 357, section 3). The revocation has not to contain any reason and should be effected by letter or fascimile or the return of the goods. In the case of a revocation in writing, the early enough dispatch of the revocation notice / return of the goods to our address applies for the observance of the deadline. The customer is obligated to return the goods. In the case of a revocation by returning of the goods, the observance of the deadline is regarded through the handing over to the post office or another forwarding agent. Returns have to be effected “postage free” in any cases – non-free returns can unfortunately not be accepted by us because of the high charges.


Hi again,

I am worried about the clause: The right of revocation does not apply for the following products: software where the seals are taken off (BGB/ German civil code, paragraph 312 d, section 4), printed cd or dvd blanks (paragraph 357, section 3).

It states that right of revocation does not apply to dvd blanks?





Yes, but hurry up. :wink:

In fact, this part of the TOS is illegal.

The right does not apply to printed blanks which may either mean burned or printed with an inkjet printer. But actually it should not be a problem at least with the unused discs.


I received an answer from Iwonatec showing a hex dump of the media code. They did not answer why the batch code did not correspond to a valid TY batch code.

I have notified them that I shall return the goods for a refund. I have asked them to acknowledge that.




That’s mere window-dressing :confused:


Good luck. Let’s hope they respond soon, or your 14 days will be up.