Taiyo Yuden from Supermediastore, can you confirm these are genuine?

I ordered 50 of these (http://www.supermediastore.com/taiyo-yuden-silver-thermal-8x-dvd-plus-r-media.html) the other day and although the MID reads as YUDEN00T02, there are some markings on the disc itself that are different from the hundreds I’ve gotten in the past. Instead of “TG001162” printed on the hub, it says “TG000040”. There are also some very minor differences between the look of the discs.

As much as I can tell the discs have burned fine so far, but I just wanted to see if anybody else has noticed this and if it is a problem or not. Thanks!

Dude, as long as it has a TG00xxxx stamper code on it, it’s real TY 8x +R. The last four digits change depending on the lot.

I thought that, but wasn’t too sure (I don’t often look at the numbers on my discs if they’re bought from SVP). Thanks for the clarification, Two Degrees.



Definitely a low lot number - but still the ‘real thing’