Taiyo Yuden fan looking for RW media, help would be greatly appreciated

Always been a fan Taiyo Yuden, but they don’t seem to make RW media which I need. So what is pretty much considered to be the best RW media by the majority?

Verbies. :wink:

Yup, MCC DVDRW discs are about as good as it gets.

Also Ricoh 8x +RW are very good. I find them as good as , if not better than, my Verbatim 6x -RW discs.

hopefully thats what the 25 pod (x4 speed) i ordered will be.

can they be MKM MID? just looking at the iten discription

It’s MKM A02 :wink:

cheers, hopefully good are they ?

My MKM A02 have been excellent - never let me down at all. Some have failed for other users, but I wouldnt worry too much. Sony branded PHILIPS 041 has also been very good for me.

Sony S11 MIJ.
I’ve posted some scans here, search for them…

The Sony S11 MIT were less than stellar though. First scans were beautiful, but after a few rewrite cycles, premature failure. :frowning:

Thanks a bunch, Verbatim it is. Are these the MCC that were mentioned? Not sure on how to tell and all.


Go for the 6x DVD-RW if it is supported well (as in 6x CLV, not Z-CLV!) by your drives. It will save you a lot of time and energy. :wink: