Taiyo Yuden fakes?



Now this time it’s not about blank media. :stuck_out_tongue:

Google Translate translated Taiyo Yuden to “Solar induced electricity” for me, so I googled it up and found this page.

They’re making capacitors and resistors, just like TY… so I guess this is an example of a real TY fake :smiley:


Perhaps you can’t write in Chinese. Try writing Yuden in Chinese and you’ll know whether it’s fake or not. Taiyo Yuden, four Chinese characters, ARE Chinese. Japanese faked Chinese (the characters.)

Chinese -> Korean -> Japanese

Not the other way.


The name doesn’t make sense though so I think they just took Taiyo Yuden’s name…


Dong Guan is one of the largest industrial areas in the world and everyone in East Asia at least knows it is in China. If you want to fake Taiyo Yuden of Japan, why reveal that you are Chinese in the very first name of your company?

The name doesn’t seem to make sense to you because you read a translated name. Chinese cannot be translated into a Western language in a way to make sense.