Taiyo Yuden dvd's and Epson R380 printer

when I print on the Taiyo Yuden media you can see faint area spots mostly in darker areas,kinda look like scratches, it’s noticable on the black parts mostly? how do I fix this problem? I have an epson 380 printer. I tried adjusting prints but nothing. I used riteks G05 before and they dont have the problem, is there a fix to this?

I think you’ll need to post an image of this effect for anyone to be able to judge what it might be. Sounds faintly like roller marks, but I was not aware that the Epsons had any rollers in contact with the disc.

The bottom line might be that you are putting too much ink on the disc, which Epsons have a reputation of doing. Using different print or media settings would solve that.

here’s a scan:

I can’t see much there, except maybe some lighter colored blobs?

Could be anything, but I’d start by decreasing the intensity of the print settings. (less ink)

they are like lighter lines as you see going in a row like a pattern.Where do I go to change that?

also I thought Taiyo Yuden where water proof? when I put a bit of water it smears.

Taiyo Yuden Watershield media is resistant to smearing, but regular Taiyo Yuden printable media is not.

Sorry, I don’t see any lines.