Taiyo Yuden DVD+/-Rs?

Anyone got any ideas where there’s a good supply in the United Kingdom or Europe (that delivers to the UK)?

Cheers in advance…


“‘I see!’ said the Blindman, when he couldn’t see at all…”

SVP used to do them until 2 days ago !

They were That’s branded TY dvdr’s and cost £1.99 inc.

It seems SVP (www.svp.co.uk) stopped doing them.

Yeah they are veryt hard to get.

Luckily here in Norway they are found as Verbatim Datalifeplus, sold in 5 packs with jewel case. Look at the back of the box. If it says “Made in Japan” then it’s TY. Guess if I stocked up while these were on sale not long ago :wink:

Also plextor branded DVD+R discs is made by TY.

Here in Norway TDK 4X DVD-R states made in Japan and is made by TY as well.

Don’t know which stores that have these in the UK though.

OC-Freak, are these TY DVD recordable discs good?

In my pioneer 106: YES
In the plextor 708A: Average
In an LG GSA-4040B: YES

Don’t know why discs written by the plex have higher average error amount than from the other two…strange since plextor discs is made by TY :confused:

have u tried the TY in a liteon yet or do you only have dvd-r of them? and the 411s is not in yet as i read in another thread…

I have both TY DVD+R and DVD-R, but I do not yet have a Lite-On DVD-Writer.

The LDW-411S should arrive at the end of next week.

SVP had That’s branded TY (also branded - TY made, That’s brand) not Plextor branded TY as I posted - oops :slight_smile:

Unbranded UK TY here


I buy all my TY CDRs from here and can recommend.

It’s getting harder to find these in stock anywhere - shame as they are excellent disks.

You can also try River Pro (do a search in google), but their disks aren’t well packaged in transit, so ask them to put them into a box, before they give them to the courier!

sorry thought you were talking about CD-Rs

anyway, try these guys for TY DVD-Rs - I don’t use TY as they’re DAMN expensive, but good luck

The note about their shipping still applies though…


You weren’t joking about the cost of those TY!! :frowning:
Last i looked SVP were still doing some +R TY media but it was only 2.4x & still cost way too much.


are those TY!?

they are verbatim datalifeplus!

im thinking about buying a spindle… but the reason i would think they are not is how low the price is… because before i found these the lowest price was $4.99 US

and that does not include S&H

anyone tried any of that other media meritline sells?
digital matrix?
this is what the page says about beall
Used by several government organizations like NASA, SEC, FAA etc due to dependable, no-compromise level of quality. "

i have not heard of any of these brands and fear that they are all renamed ricoh manufactured media…

Most likely not TY.

The only verbatim TY’s I’ve seen is is sold in 5 packs with jewel cases.

Optodisc is not that bad compared to the price…also depends on writer.

BeALL is rumoured to be pretty good discs, not personally tested though, but I’ll get some later when my dealer gets them in stock. (sold under samsung BeALL brand).

im going to have to check out sams club near me as i recall them having 5 packs of verbatim… i forget if it was datalifeplus or datalife…