Taiyo Yuden DVD-RAM

I was nosing around Start Lab’s site and found this: http://startlab.co.jp/RAM.pdf

Good news for DVD-RAM users.

Wonderful news! :bow:

I found this from LG forum.


Not sure about the quality of Lead Data DVD-RAM but it costs less than US$1 per disk.

Hmm I wonder what made TY change there market strategies starting the production of a rewritable format als gives options for DVD+RW/DVD-RW.

And leaddata and RAM that sounds of bad combination. Something which I wouldn’t gamble even if the price is that low.

Maybe there have been too many Japanese consumers requesting Taiyo Yuden to produce DVD-RAM media since there are now very many DVD-RAM writer owners in Japan.

Many Standalone DVD-Recorders use DVD-RAM. Also DVD-RAM for these DVD-Recorders uses CPRM (Copyprotection used in Japan for Digital TV Broadcasts). There is CPRM DVD-R Discs available but these discs produce a lot of trouble in unsupported DVD recorders / Players so the first choice to record CPRM coded TV is DVD-RAM.