Taiyo Yuden DVD-R - 8x or 16x

i have just logged onto SVP only to find that the “TYG02 8x” printables have sold out, so i was wondering if there was any difference between these and the “TYG03 16x” printables.

If i burn to these “TYG03 16x” at my standard 8x speed or even 4x speed will it give me the same results as if burning to the “TYG02 8x” discs ?

The only obvious difference i can see is the speed and the dye …

The TYG03 may not give as good results as the TYG02 do, but this depends on your burner.
I would recommend YUDEN000 T02 over both TYG02 and TYG03. :slight_smile:

I would place them in the order

Why not go for the T02 printables.

TYG03 (Panasonic branded) has always been good to me , even better than Sony T02 (maybe a bad batch!) , I haven’t tried TYG02 or T03 though

16x TY media need one of the latest 16x or 18x burner to perform excellent.

Yuzo, what is your burner?

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NEC ND-3540A


Pioneer DVR-106RD

Where can i buy T02 White Full Face Printables then?

Seek and you shall find. :wink:


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I have only ever bought DVD-R in the past though, i suppose the difference is minimal?

DVD+R and DVD-R are different formats, but nowadays all burners support both formats.
If you have an old standalone player, it is better to bitset DVD+R to increase compatibility. :slight_smile:

I bought 100 of those, and would recommend them :slight_smile:

The T02 from svp go well with the 106. I suppose they go well with anything incl the 3540. A top 3 disc in my small world… :wink:

kd evilboy … seem to be having a few problems with these new TY discs:


AND, which are the other 2 of the TOP 3’s