Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8x Inkjet printable UK £19.99 for 100


Bigpockets have limited stocks of 100 Inkjet printable Taiyo Yuden 8x DVD-R for £19.99

Most likely one of the fake Infosmart batch at that price. Although at that price it may be worth the risk.

i sent them an e-mail yesterday asking if these discs were real or not and here is the reply:-


As far as I know they are just old stock. They should be genuine though.

Kind Regards

Oliver Shields

Customer Service Manager

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if they are old stock then shurly he should know if they are real or not, i had a simular reply from cd-r media about there mirror tys and they turned out to be fake. i have learned that if a deal like this seems to good to be true then dont bother as they always tend to be fake.

I e-mailed bigpockets today to ask them the same question but have yet to receive a reply. I ordered 2 packs yesterday and will let you know when they arrive.

i think a good way to test the discs is looking at the cake tubs they come in, geniune ty have a distinctive lid (it steps in not straight sides).

cheers acko

I got that email yesterday and went to order today and the taiyo yuden was no longer there only 100 at same price with the heading

Famous Brand Full Faced Inkjet Printable 8x DVD-R 100 Pack
anyone know what these might be…

i would e-mail them and ask what dye/mid they are, if they have thouse @£20 for 100 and piodata @29.99 for 100 then the £20 ones will be poor.

Yes i am doing that tomorrow just thought that maybe someone had done it today…
btw the taiyo yuden yesterday were 4x not 8x as stated in the first post…
What they burn at is a different matter :bigsmile:

They were 8x but ran out quickly and were replaced by 4x. The TY disks are expected to come shrink wrapped and so there will be no tub.

The current £19.99 full faced printable are described as various lead-ins and 1x - 8x speed i.e. you will get a mixed bag.

TYG02 is an 8x disc, but like you say they had a 4x speed on the website. Basically these are 99.9% fake. The only Taiyo Yuden printable discs that I know are genuine are selling at £70 for 100.

Saying that I have some fake TY’s lying around and they we’re ok, not what you would expect from real TY’s, but good enough for my purposes. As acko has already said, If an offer seems to good to be true then it isn’t true.

Good luck to all who buys these discs, because I think you might need it.

I received the following e-mail from bigpockets:

Dear Bigpockets Customer.

It has recently been bought to our attention that the discs you have ordered may be counterfeit discs. We have contacted our supplier regarding this and they assure us they are genuine discs but we thought we should inform you in case you have any problems while using them.

If at any point when using your media if you decide you are not happy with them please contact us and we will exchange them free of charge.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
Kind Regards

Oliver Shields

Customer Service Manager

I will let you know what I think when I receive them.

Have just received the disks - very fast delivery. I can confirm they are fakes. They have a code around the spindle which starts T1M1. This code has previously been reported as fake - although nobody seems to have identified the manufacturer that this relates to.

I have e-mailed bigpockets to inform them and request a full refund including postage.

these disks have this serial
batch code on the underside inner ring: DVD-R T1M1 D 2 1 0408010721-389

clearly fakes

Yes i had to take the chance before they were sold out and ended up putting them back and getting 100 ritek instead (although they can be hit or miss im sure they cant be as bad as the fake taiyo yudens)

Just an update. Congratulations to bigpockets. They arranged for a courier to collect the disks and processed a full refund next day. Couldn’t ask for more.

same here next day exchange as promised …

Nice to see some retailers have a conscience. I bought some Mirror discs from CDR-Media before xmas (also before I found the thread that identified them as fakes :sad: ). I had to return them at my own expense and I am still waiting for the refund and they have not replied to my emails. In the telephone conversation in which they agreed to refund the goods, the company man indicated that the knew the discs were not genuine TY. His ‘explaination’ was that it wasn’t really a “fake” but in order for smaller companies to compete, they have to use known media code in order for burners to be able to use the disc. What-ever. They clearly knew they wern’t genuine so I am now passin the matter to Trading Standards. i would advise against buying from CDR-Media.

Still looking for TY in the UK (somewhere cheaper than SVP).

Well glad you guys are enjoying Bigpockets. On another site where I moderate even their name has been declared a dirty word as they have screwed over a number of our UK members. Last I checked they were trying to sell cars as well. WTF is a computer site doing selling cars? Anyways, I knew that price was WAY TOO CHEAP to be UK. That price would even be a steal here in the US and the UK rarely ever gets that much of a break on media. :wink:

Exactly… I would have been willing to pay $20.00 shipping to the US at that price…