TaiYo Yuden DVD+R 16X


I have bought a spindel Plextor DVD+R 16X with the mediacode: YUDEN000T03.

After burning an image I checked my PI values with Nero, and that was not funny what i saw.

As you can see after 25% percent all my plextors get worse PI’s.

My burner is a NEC ND-2500A with last firmware 1.0A. The maxium speed of my burner is 8X so i don’t know if that is a problem?

The Nero test is done by an JLMS-166S.


If the JLMS-166S is a DVD-Rom drive it’s probably not the best to do a quality scan. Do you have access to a DVDRW drive that can do a quality scan?

Maybe i can, but one thing i don’t understand when i do a test with my verbatims 8 speed DVD’s with the mediacode: MCC003 i got a score of 93.

Mustn’t be the scan with the verbatims be bad too, if it is my DVD-rom player?

Just test by a friend of mine and he get some different result :clap: .

I really don’t understand what is going on, because other mediacodes are no problem only this one.

This is the result by my friend’s player.




The NEC 2500 is in no way capable of burning any 16x media. It may or may not have the media codes in it’s firmware, but the burn quality will be crap. Stick with 8x media in that drive.

I think u don’t understand the problem. When i Test my branded DVD from my NEC ND2500A in an other brander (Lite-On) i get good result.

I think rdgrimes knows what he is talking about.:wink: Your Nec is an older drive and probably doesn’t support this media for a write stratagy Firmware wise. (in other words newer drives will have write strats for this media code. I agree with rdgrimes and would save the 16x for a later date (new burner) and get some 8x media, you will probably see better burn Quality. YUDEN000 T03 DVD+R 16x is a very new and recently released media and meant to burn at higher speeds.

I can get Taiyo Yuden DVD-R 8X with the mediacode: TYG02.

Is this one better for my brander?

And is there quality difference between DVD+R and -?

^Better for sure! They will be better on the 2500.