Taiyo Yuden DVD media in Singapore

Ok, I don’t wanna resurrect the other two 2-year-old threads but I would love to know where to buy Taiyo Yuden (any brand but That’s would be nice) in Singapore as I might be going there shopping soon :D. Do they still carry it at Sim Lim Square? If so, which shops and what brands? Online shops would be great too especially if they ship to neighbouring countries ;).


Yep, SLS is the place to go in Singapore. Here’s what you are looking for, Verbatim brand.

Thanks, agent009. I found those two on Verbatim Singapore website earlier but didn’t know the price and the place.



They even use the word “MIJ” on the website. :cool:

Some Popular outlets have them too, $33.90 I think. Gonna get some this weekend…

I’ll get those when my friend go to Singapore :smiley: