Taiyo Yuden/ dual layer



Will Taiyo Yuden manufacture dual layer media and if so when could it be ?


Yes. 4X +R DL is pretty much confirmed, should be out in 2Q '05.


Thanks. And how come they don’t manufacture rewriteable media??


I too have been wondering that. Probably because they don’t want their name soiled by an incompatible format.


Well TY makes DVD-RAM discs. Dont know if they will ever produce RWs…


Koba, I saw those over @ YSS. Are they Maxell OEMs as speculated over @ CDRLabs or are they original TY?


Sorry I cant give you an answer to that since I do not have a DVD-RAM compatible drive…
But it would be the first time for TY to sell OEMs so my guess is that they are original TYs


I haven’t seen TY DVD-RAM media. BeAll has DVD-RAM media, 3x only though, produced by Matsushita.


Here are some links:
Upper one is PDF released by Taiyo Yuden and second one is from TY online shop. Price is for 50pcs.