Taiyo Yuden DL +R?



Does Yaiyo Yuden make dvd +R in DL? If so, is it available in the US & from where?


No, only DVD-R DL (which sucks as a format though).


I thought DVD+R DL would have been the choice for manufacturers because of its bit setting capability to make it more compatible. How good is Taiyo Yudens -R Dual Layer media is it as good as their single layer.


Who knows… its availability is limited to Japan at the moment, and adding to that, the firmwares don’t properly support it yet.

Taiyo Yuden opted for DVD-R DL because the DVD-R format is much stronger in Japan (TV broadcasts are all “protected” so CPRM-capable media is needed, and only DVD-R can do this).


Taiyo Yuden DVD-R DL is showing up on eBay in the US.

But at that price I won’t be testing any soon :frowning:



you can also get it from www.xmediatrade.com


They don’t have Taiyo Yuden’s DVD-R DL, do they?


They do. :slight_smile: