Taiyo Yuden discs in Germany?

To all Germans (or something similar), do you know an online store which sells TY discs at ACCEPTABLE prices in Germany? I´ve seen some stores selling them a while ago, but prices were about 2.50€ for ONE disc :Z
I don´t mean the Verbatim DLP Pastel discs though, but true (preferibly DVD-R) TY branded discs on spindles. I would also use other brands but with TY media code of course. 25 piece spindles would be best for me. Thanks in advance :wink:

This is crazy! And imagine that Taiyo Yuden Europe Headquarters is located in Germany… :slight_smile:

I am from Greece and buy TY DVD-R/DVD+R for around EUR 0.70-0.90 here!

Crazy indeed… Didn´t know that TY HQ is located in Germany. Where do you exactly buy your TYs in Greece?

On my search for TY discs in German online shops i´ve just found these strange but quite cheap TYG02 media here . Brand is MIRAGE. Never heard about it. Do you have experiences with these media? If the quality is normal TY quality than i´ll surely place my order for a few spindles :smiley:

Very likely to be fake TY!
Might be manufactured by Optodisc .

Or try this Shop:


Great link! Thanks alot Gorkon. They really seem to have all the TY disc types. You made my day!

In the UK, you have Verbatim Pastels here:

link courtesy of Sapa.